Friday, October 29, 2010


This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

Too often I find myself not going through my blessings, just dumping my problems and worries on God, and saying a quick thanks for all the good in my life. And there really is far more good than bad in my life and I am forever grateful for that. Today I am rejoicing in the small things.

  •  Jackson has completed a great season of flag football and we only had one crazy cold night- which was last night, and yet, grateful that we didn't have to do it on Wednesday night.

  • Hockey season is in full swing. It does my heart good to see my son out there enjoying life on the ice.

  • My hubby is home for 2 and a half days! Of course its prior to a trip overseas, but still, we'll take what we can get!

  • Laughter that flows from Facebook friends. They are nuts and I love 'em. Most of them anyways. ;)

  •  Not one lunch date this week, but TWO. That's a pretty good week in my book.

  •  Books that just make me smile.

  • Friends that will call to pray with me as I text about irrational fears and worries...despite the busy day she's in the midst of.

  •  Rain/snow/wind/clouds- I know- I'm gonna get decked. I love those days when they come around once in awhile. I cozied up by my fireplace with a quilt and a good book and a cup of coffee. aaahhh....

  • Friends that no matter how much you protest, will encourage you and compliment you until you just accept it.

  • Okay, I haven't forgotten the other child... Miss Maicy's prayers really are the greatest. Right now she's praying for her missing kitties...they are lost in the woods and she believes they'll make it back out. That my dear friends, is faith.
  • I can't believe I almost forgot this one... my camera is back! Repaired and healthy and new again!  Yeah!
How about you... what are the little blessings in your life today that just make you smile?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get in on the best

Once in awhile, I get it. Sometimes after having something repeated over and over and over I finally catch on when God is talking. When He wants me to hear something and to have it stick. Not always, mind you, I can be a little dense. But those moments when I do make up for all of those missed times.

If you've hung around here at all, you probably know that I am horrible at memorizing scripture and retaining passages with content. So when I hear a message on a topic and it sticks, I take note.

Psalm 37 is quickly becoming my theme passage. I am clinging to it daily. Daily.                                                                                               

When God calls us act, we jump in. We express our worries over being adequate, we pray for assurance and security, but we still act. But every once in awhile we are called to do NOTHING. This causes panic and confusion. What do you mean I can't do anything?! I have to WAIT?!  It is so hard for us to sit back and say "Okay, God, I will sit back here while you take care of things your own way."
Why is it easier to trust in Him when He calls us to action then when He calls us to no action?

We like to be busy, we like to mark off our neat little check list. One more job done. Pat ourselves on the back.

And if I can't act... at least let me worry about it.

But Psalm 37 is bringing me some much needed new perspective. Trust in the Lord... Do good... Do not still...wait patiently...refrain from anger...

Those words have changed my daily walk, and yes, I stumble, but I can dust off quicker and remember who's got my back. I decided to take a look at some other translations to get more perspective. I absolutely love what the Message says in verses 3 and 4:

Get insurance with God and do a good deed,
settle down and stick to your last.
Keep company with God,
get in on the best.

How can it get better than that? Get in on the best. Amen.

*picture above from my kitchen wall... I realize its a different passage, just goes to show, sometime He's trying to tell me something...*

Monday, October 25, 2010

Watcha Readin'?

Thanks to the existance of my Nook, friends loaning out great books, and my hubby being in another state most weeks, I have had plenty of opportunity to catch up on reading. Last week I decided to head over to our local library which I looovee because it really does have a great selection of Christian Fiction which is mostly what I read. And its free. So after I finished up Healing Waters by Nancy Rue (great book by the way. Read Healing Stones first though) I then picked up my other library book. Only to realize it was awfully familiar. So I did a quick skim of the book jacket ( I refuse to do that before actually reading a book, it spoils too much for me) and realized that yes indeed, I had already read this book. Sigh. So here I sit without another book to read. And clearly a shrinking selection left unread at our library.

Which leads me to my question. Whatcha readin'? What books can you recommend?
Any of you out there fellow Nook owners?! I would love to swap books with y'all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A recipe that does NOT have anything to do with Pumpkin

Here is a recipe that I promised to share with my new friends from the retreat in California. We were sitting at the breakfast table and I watched as all of their eyes got as large as saucers. I looked to see what could cause that and realized around these parts, its an old standby! It goes by many names... Patio Potatoes, Cheesy hashbrowns, Company Potatoes, Potato Casserole... it doesn't matter what you call them, they're always good. And I will say that this was the first time I had them served at breakfast. Though I think it could easily become a staple in my brunches to come. ;)

So, to all those friends, wipe your chins. Here's the all too easy recipe, that even Bina could make.

Company Potatoes

1 pkg frozen shredded hashbrowns- thawed
1/2 cup melted butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 Tbsp dried minced onion
1 cup cream of chicken soup
1 pt sour cream (with or without chives)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Mix all together and spread in a greased 9x13 pan

Top with 1/2 cup melted butter and 2 cups Corn Flakes mixed together.

Bake at 350* for 1 hour.

You can also freeze these before baking, just let them thaw out before baking.


Monday, October 18, 2010

A little bit of whining...

I really had good intentions of having a post up for today... A real post.

But I had my wisdom teeth out (yes all 4 of them thankyouverymuch) this morning and I am not as perky as I had hoped to be. I did great most of the day (unless you count me texting pics of my beautiful and pathetic swollen face to a certain friend)  and then by evening (after a hockey parent's meeting which honestly I could have probably passed on but didn't realize that until I had sucked it up and sat through it) the headaches came on and I could no longer form a coherant thought.

And Blogger is acting weird lately and has taken away all the blogs I follow from my dashboard and rarely letting me sign in. So, I have tried to make the rounds, I just don't have the energy right now to put forth that much effort. So, I'm sorry for not visiting my friends blogs. I promise I'll return later on.

In the mean time, I want you sweet readers to all know that my camera has been sent off to the Nikon repair center and I pray that I won't regret not purchasing that extended warranty. I may have just bought myself an early Christmas present. :(  Honestly though, the fact that you all GOT it when I was so broken hearted over my camera breakup just warmed my heart. You're such sweet friends.

Now, I'm off to find an icepack and a pillow...

Friday, October 15, 2010

A painful lesson

Remember the joy and excitement I had over finally getting my camera?! You know, this camera:

Well, now I know. No matter how much you don't want a larger carry-on bag that can hold the camera inside its cushioned case... should suck it up and find a larger carry-on.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simply Amazed

I am so amazed by the things that God can do. Yes, I knew He could create an entire world in 6 days. Yes, I knew He has power over death. Yes, I knew He could take down huge armies with small incompetent groups.  Yes, I know He has the power to move mountains.

But when you see that greatness in your own seemingly insignificant life? Simply amazing.
The beautiful pines in Angeles National Forest.

I boarded the plane last week still not fully aware of the odd place I was putting myself in.
Then, 5 minutes before landing, I looked at the lady next to me, who I'd learned would be returning to Omaha on the same flight as me, and said, "Here's the deal... and gave her the dish... yes, I was meeting a "stranger".  "So, you want me to call the FBI if you're not here? Got it."

I walked off the escalator, saw Bina and in that moment realized, we were not strangers. That was my friend. Waiting for me by the baggage claim.

Hey, remember when I thought you were going to be a serial killer?

That was my friend grinning from ear to ear, arms open and ready for a hug- not a (((hug))).

That was also my friend's pastor standing next to her.... they claim it wasn't because of lack of faith in me.;) I say that was a God thing. He sent a servant at that time to send a little reassurance to both of His daughters. This was His plan, and His guiding hand was on it, starting last August.

After an evening of many laughs, tear wiping- from the laughter, and belly aches- from the laughter, it was time to meet her family. More "strangers".

One by one her children greeted me with a hug- how sweet are these kids?! I think to myself.And then I see the 13 year old. Coming from the kitchen, butcher knife in hand. . .

. . . And I knew... these were my people. We howled with laughter as she says "oh, no. We won't hurt you..."  Simply amazed. She took the mostly unspoken fear, and brought laughter. Tension melted away.

As I met her friends one by one- preparing for a retreat on a mountainside- I was simply amazed.
The dearest women in the world, and maybe a little goofy too.

To be loved by one, is to be loved by all. These women shared their lives, their hearts, their faith, most important, they shared their love.

I left for California to meet one stranger.
I left California with an extended family of 7 and 6 fabulous friends whom I have been able to laugh, cry, and pray with. These friends and family radiate the joy and love of Christ. To say that He wasn't there would be impossible.

I'm Simply Amazed.

To my dear sweet Sister Bina. Words cannot express the joy that came with meeting you Face to Face. The fears gone. The insecurity wiped away. To pray, to laugh, to hold, to cry, to sing. (some of us more off key than others *ahem*). This past weekend was a gift so much greater than I could have ever imagined. I now miss you- and those looks- and I look forward to another day we see each other face to face.
God has brought us together through this crazy internet life. And I thank Him for you. I love you.

God is Good!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sneak Peek

Haven't had time to put a real post yet, but here are some sneak peeks to show that we are having a great time!
Huntington Beach

Our names in the sand.

I promise I will soon have an actual report, but for now, this is as good as it gets! ;)
But WAIT! Head on over to Bina's Pad and check out what she's got to say about this... ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We sit at computer screens and share our lives. Our joys. Our sorrows. Our fears. Our hopes Our laughter. Our tears.

Yet we edit.

 I can't tell these people how much I yelled at my daughter this morning over a pair of shoes!

I can't tell them how long it took me to find this verse that I wanted to share- that maybe I'm not as knowledgable as they think.

Thank goodness these people didn't hear what I said. Or thought.

Here's a good picture of me, at least you can't see how big my bottom is in it!

Let me put make-up on just so before taking a picture for this.

Type something funny and witty. Delete. Re-type. Delete. Re-type.

Crop here. Edit that.

We share our lives, yet we're able to tuck away the parts that cause our insecurities. Today, I will come face to face with one whom I've shared so many of those joys, sorrows, laughs, tears, and hopes with. FACE to FACE. For the first time.

There is no editing.

My thoughts invade:
She'll be able to see all of me- fluffy tummy and all. What if she's repulsed?

What if she is annoyed by my loud laugh?

She'll be able to see all of me- fluffy tummy and all. What if she's repulsed?

What if she's driven over the edge by my chatter and frustrated that as soon as more people are there, I clam up.

What if I cry to much during the retreat, or not enough. What if I giggle at the most serious time because that's what happens sometimes.

What if she finds me boring. What if we have nothing to talk about (so not likely!) What if I say something I would have preferred to delete and re-type.

She'll see me. All of me. Unedited.

I am bursting with joy and nervousness at the anticipation of a weekend with a friend that God has led to me. A friendship that only He can weave together from the heart of the midwest to the California coast. A time of reflection and spriritual renewal in the mountains of California.

I can't wait, dear Bina. To see you face to face. Unedited.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All who are weary

Going through the motions. Checking off my lists one by one. Go here. Do this. Don't forget about this.
Sign here. Write this check. Fill out this form. Pack this. Wash that.

Weary. My eyelids are heavy. I want to stop. I want to find rest. It's cry or sleep.

Three times within the week that I have felt this way a verse is spoken. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:28-29

Once in a book. Once in this blog by Duane Scott. Once at my uncle's funeral.

All made me stop and weep. The last one just made me stop. Will I wait until a church is full of people remembering my life before I'm able to rest?  Or will I find Him now. Come before Him now. It sounds to good to be true, that we can rest in Him. But we can. And I will. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Complete Randomness

Because it's Friday and my head is full or random thoughts from the week.
So, here it goes.

1. My bedside lamp burned out. I have no bulbs to replace it. So I did what every wife of the year would do... stole my husband's light bulb. He'll never know... shhh....

2. That little insignificant bug that I mentioned Wednesday is continuing to bless my life... Hunh. Maybe he wasn't so insignificant after all.

3. That new show on CBS, Mike and Molly- cracks me up. It just does.

4. It is fall. It is not raining. It's beautiful.

5. We might get frost this weekend.... I'm trying really hard not to mention pumpkins, as it seems that I have the last few Fridays...but I'm a little worried about the pumpkin supply... just sayin'

6. I wonder if anyone will show up to Bible study this week? Wanna join me? Anyone? Ironic that our topic is Identity and purpose. Perhaps I misunderstood a calling?

7. The most disturbing thing from my week... my 7 year old daughter has a more active social life than I do. 3 Friday nights in a row she has had plans... I don't have plans for ANY Friday nights! Except next week. Which I'll tell you about next week. Or the week after that.

Y'all have a great weekend!!