Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lessons from a 5 year old

I really have little to offer here, so I will share a cute story from this morning. The kids were talking about adoption, again, and it turned interesting. It started because Maicy was at the jewelry store with Steve yesterday, (yey for me!) and go figure, Steve's phone rang. Maicy took that as her job to talk with Grant (jewler) and tell him that we will be getting a boy- younger than her, we just don't know when. Grant of course, was very interested in Maicy's story I am sure! So, Steve decided to ask her about it this morning. We were surprised that she said a boy, because all along, Jackson has wanted a boy and she wants a girl, very typical. But she told Jackson that if he wants a brother then she is fine with that because she wants whatever he wants. (Yes they are perfect angels like this all the time and never ever disagree! Oh wait, I have to go pry them off each other a minute) Anyway, Steve took that chance to tell Jackson he really thinks 3 girls would be better-- imagine that reaction! Jackson said that we would go to the poor house or something like that with all those girls around! To which my ever wise, too smart for her own good, oh so sweet when she wants to be, 5 year old said "But Jackson, we will be rich with people! That's what matters" Out of the mouths of babes.

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