Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebration of Life

I'm baaa-aa-aack! Did ya miss me? Cuz I missed you!

We have had a crazy week of birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, and a funeral. Then on Thursday will be another birthday. God provides balance.

I need to start by sharing a bit about my aunt's memorial service. More and more you hear people call it a "Celebration of Life" service which is awesome. Very positive, and really, for Christians especially, that's what it is. And to give full credit to my aunt who knew her days were numbered, she made sure that it was a celebration of life. Celebrating LIFE in CHRIST. Her main concern was that the salvation message be preached clearly. And it was. What an awesome legacy to leave behind. She lived this life- don't talk about me, lets talk about the basics- are you saved?  She didn't want glory when she was brave- she gave it to God. She didn't want pity on the bad days- God will take care of it. Don't worry- God's got it. That was her life. I pray I can leave a fraction of that spirit to my loved ones when my time comes.

That leads me to today. Now. While I'm here on this earth. Am I celebrating life in Christ every day? It's such an amazing thing, how can I wake up grumbling when the fact is, He is there before me?

My challenge to myself is to celebrate life each day. Celebrate that I am His. Celebrate that my kids pray for Him to go before them. Celebrate the green grass on my lawn that we play catch on. Celebrate that my kids find fun in the mud. Celebrate that over dinner my daughter- our only daughter- informs me that Maisa,Cami,  Maddie and herself are all sisters- sisters in Christ of course, Mama! (yes, this made me tear up a bit when she shared this)

To all my sisters in Christ- and a few brothers out there- celebrate today. All those things that Christ is for us in our life.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

I had things to say. Silly things and deep things. But for today I need to say goodbye.

My Aunt Joyce went to be with her Lord yesterday and I have no words. She is free of pain and of cancer.
Please be in prayer for her husband, kids, grandkids, mom, brother and sisters, aunts, uncles and all of those who loved her deeply and will miss her daily. May God be with you as only He can at this time. Love you all.

I'll be back next week.

2 Timothy 4:6-8 (The Message)

You take over. I'm about to die, my life an offering on God's altar. This is the only race worth running. I've run hard right to the finish, believed all the way. All that's left now is the shouting—God's applause! Depend on it, he's an honest judge. He'll do right not only by me, but by everyone eager for his coming.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You know you're a redneck when...

you spend Father's Day like this:
Look at my boy. The focus. The grit. The determination.
Look at what he did to my elk!

okay, so this numbskull brother of mine played a part in that, as did my dad, other brother, and dear husband.

And oh yeah, this peanut too.
Though I'm not sure she hit more than a few ants along the ground. Or a pop can.
I stepped in and started throwing clay pigeons for them instead, and although I have pictures to prove that, I am not sure I want to post them here. So I'm not.
Its my blog, I'll do it my way.

How was your Father's Day? Did you shoot it up, or play a nice game of UNO instead?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Caffeinated (which evidently isn't a word) Randomness

I have read others Caffeinated Randomness Posts for quite awhile now, and while I'll admit, I usually am quite random, being deliberately random intrigues me!
So I'm linking up to  Under Grace and Over Coffee and have fun being random this Friday!
The rules- just be random. I can handle that.

1. I not only own a Turbie Twist, I LOVE my Turbie Twist. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about either. Its the towel made just for sticking on your hair fresh out of the shower. Before you shake your heads and walk away, think about it. One towel specifically designated for my hair. Not accidentally swiped with toothpaste or stolen by anyone else to dry off body parts that I would rather not come in contact with my head. Its just mine. And I don't have to feel like a giant bobble head with a full sized towel on my head. That's right. Yes, I'll wait while you run out and get your own. Best $2.99 I've ever spent.
2. I tried to sell my daughter on eBay last week. Then she said something sweet, so I kept her. God love her.
3. I feel the need to schedule a bus tour to the Ozarks with some old people now that I'm retired. Think they'll notice the 30 year old?
4. I don't like the LA Lakers. Boston disappointed me. And I really don't see the point in mic-ing the players... they just have to cut it all out anyway.
5. I had the best dinner last night with my bestest friend. And as a disclaimer I have to add that that was my best friend living here in Iowa with me, not that one that abandoned me for MN.... keep the peace girls. Keep the peace. I have room for both of you in my heart. Yes I do.
6. Every time I tried to write "peace' I was writing 'piece' instead.
7. I had lunch at Quizno's yesterday - in honor of my retirement and all. Then I went to Blue Mountain and our waiter was the same guy who helped me at Quizno's. And he remembered me. Busted. No, no I didn't cook today, would you like to make something of it? And the day before that,  I ate out twice also.... okay fine. 3 times. I have no food in my house okay? Stop judging me! We are only home for 3 days this week and 2 of those were spent at work and the kids were gone. I feel your judgement. Therefore this seems like an awesome time to end this ridiculously long and random post.
Y'all have a great and fantastic weekend!!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Twelve and a half years ago, I was 18 years old.(really?!)  I began my first day of beauty school. I was the first person in my class to complete my 2300 hours and walked out of there one March day. The next day I began my first job. I was at that job for 2 years until my son surprised me by coming 11 weeks early. I took an undetermined time off of working. That was January of 2001. In May of 2001 I knew it was time to head back to the work world. I wanted to feel the hair in my hands again and meet new friends. So I went to work at Shear Advantage. My schedule has changed as my family has needed it to. In the last few years I have mostly worked just a day or two a week, plus Saturdays.  It was a great out for me. I was able to still do what I love and spend time with my growing kids.

Now both of my kids are in school full time. I began thinking of adding to my work schedule. Filling in my days.  But here's the deal- sick kid? Uh. Have to change appointments or call Grandma. Kids have a program? Well- I guess I could re-arrange...How late are you open? Well, I need to put my kids to bed- my husband is working out of state and well.. ugh.
This way.
That way.
I have been pulled in so many different directions in the past few years, it was time to make the decision. So, I prayed, and asked others to pray for me. And the end result was God showing me most definitely that my place is not at the salon. I need to take care of my family. I want to be able to be at school for field trips, class parties, lunches, and especially when they are sick. Here's the deal with hairdressers- we don't get to work 9-5 and call it a day. We need to work around everyone else's schedule and how dare we not be available when that client wants us?! ( If you are one of my customers, trust me, you aren't one of "those"! You wouldn't be reading this if you were! )

I know that the working mom vs stay at home mom debate is a heated one. I'm not here to get into that. And honestly I am not "for" either one. I am for whatever each individual feels called by God to be doing. Some women are the best most amazing working moms that I could ever meet! And their jobs allow them to be great moms while being great employees. That's clearly right for them and that's great!And I know that while my kids were little and home all the time that I couldn't have handled every. single. day. home with them. Working was my out. My time to have grown up talk and just get my self worth filled up for the week. Many moms are far better at that stage than I was! And for some its simply a matter of finances. I am fortunate enough that that wasn't why I worked. My piddly days on the schedule certainly didn't pay the bills more than my own mad money.

So, here I am. Age 30. Retired.
Now what?!

 I don't think I look old enough to be retired... well...nevermind, don't go there!

I realize that I have now written a lot and still don't seem to have a definite point.
Huh. Ya win some ya lose some.
Sometimes I just talk.
Ya'll have a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When I became a Christian

Our pastor read this poem Sunday morning and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I thought the best thing to do then would be to share it with all of you! No one said being a Christian was the easy walk.... but its still the best walk.

When I Became a Christian

By Adrian Plass

When I became a Christian I said, Lord, now fill me in,

Tell me what I’ll suffer in this world of shame and sin.

He said, your body may be killed, and left to rot and stink,

Do you still want to follow me? I said Amen - I think.

I think Amen, Amen I think, I think I say Amen,

I’m not completely sure, can you just run through that again?

You say my body may be killed and left to rot and stink,

Well, yes, that sounds terrific, Lord, I say Amen - I think.

But, Lord, there must be other ways to follow you, I said,

I really would prefer to end up dying in my bed.

Well, yes, he said, you could put up with the sneers and scorn and spit,

Do you still want to follow me? I said Amen - a bit.

A bit Amen, Amen a bit, a bit I say Amen,

I’m not entirely sure, can we just run through that again?

You say I could put up with sneers and also scorn and spit,

Well, yes, I’ve made my mind up, and I say, Amen - a bit.

Well I sat back and thought a while, then tried a different ploy,

Now, Lord, I said, the Good book says that Christians live in joy.

That’s true he said, you need the joy to bear the pain and sorrow,

So do you want to follow me, I said, Amen - tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Lord, I’ll say it then, that’s when I’ll say Amen,

I need to get it clear, can I just run through that again?

You say that I will need to joy, to bear the pain and sorrow,

Well, yes, I think I’ve got it straight, I’ll say Amen - tomorrow.

He said, Look, I’m not asking you to spend an hour with me

A quick salvation sandwich and a cup of sanctity,

The cost is you, not half of you, but every single bit,

Now tell me, will you follow me? I said Amen - I quit.

I’m very sorry Lord I said, I’d like to follow you,

But I don’t think religion is a manly thing to do.

He said forget religion then, and think about my Son,

And tell me if you’re man enough to do what he has done.

Are you man enough to see the need, and man enough to go,

Man enough to care for those whom no one wants to know,

Man enough to say the thing that people hate to hear,

To battle through Gethsemane in loneliness and fear.

And listen! Are you man enough to stand it at the end,

The moment of betrayal by the kisses of a friend,

Are you man enough to hold your tongue, and man enough to cry?

When nails break your body-are you man enough to die?

Man enough to take the pain, and wear it like a crown,

Man enough to love the world and turn it upside down,

Are you man enough to follow me, I ask you once again?

I said, Oh Lord, I’m frightened, but I also said Amen.

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen; Amen, Amen, Amen,

I said, Oh Lord, I’m frightened, but I also said, Amen.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'll pass on this one

I was looking for a new daily devotional book. I had been reading Sarah Young's Jesus Calling, and loving it. Truthfully, it will still be near my side as I learn something new each time. But, I still wanted a new daily read. So I went to the Christian book store and wandered. I found a few and thought that The One Year book of Inspirations for Girlfriends...juggling Not-so -Perfect, often crazy, but Gloriously Real Lives by Ellen Miller looked great. It says on the jacket "if your life is PERFECT, just PUT THIS BOOK DOWN." Sounded like the right book for me!

What I didn't realize at that point is that evidently the author's life IS perfect. Oh, yes, I know that no one's life is perfect and blah blah blah. But we all know that some people come off in life as having it all together. This is that person. Now, I am not here to slander anyone, I am just telling you my honest feelings while reading this book thus far. I don't like to do negative reviews, and wasn't even given the book for reviewing purposes. I paid for it with my own money. Which makes me more frustrated with the book in all honesty. And I'm just being honest hear.
Right now I am in the section where she talks about marriage. While admitting to being divorced, she has been married to Steve now for more than 20 years. And they are perfect. They don't fight. They don't shout. They don't have debt. She calls him and leaves love notes. They have excellent communication. Perfect sex life. Perfect careers. And on and on and on. Does she say it just like that? No of course not. However, in every instance where she is telling us an ideal... she's got it down perfectly. I guess personally, let me see a little bit that you struggle with this point. Show me that you're real. There were several days on the subject, you can't have it all.

I feel that I have a great marriage. I love my husband dearly and I don't want to imagine life without him. But I yell. I am irrational at times- or so I'm told *ahem*. I get moody. So does he. And we get through it. Its not all sunshine and daisies. And thank goodness! Wouldn't that be tiresome?! Who can live up to that?! And besides, making up is one of the sweetest times, is it not? How can you make up without a fight?
Is it just me?

Okay, the point of this post is not to bash Ms. Miller. I am sure many will appreciate her book. Just not me. (not enough scripture back up for me either.... just sayin') My point is to get Devotional recommendations from YOU. What book have you read that speaks to your heart, or makes you think? Can ya help a girl out?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Recipe for a happy summer

I know its cheesey. Bear with me. Or is it 'bare' with me? Bear, right?! Oh, who cares. Onto my "recipe"

1 part water

2 parts mud
(cheesey face optional, but preferred)

One teeny tiny frog

2 kids (add less or more to your preference)

Stir together

Results: Bliss

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The post that may just be the end of me...

The following is not for the've been warned!

I was going about my Tuesday in a rather mundane sort of way. I dropped the kids off at VBS, ran errands, picked them up again - okay, a few cups of coffee and computer time before the errands- lunch, weeded massive amounts out of the garden that is patiently waiting to get started (other than what came up from the previous owners), and wishing I could either go shopping or take a nap. All throughout the day I pondered what my Wednesday post would be. I thought that my life was boring or my thinking one wayed because I just wasn't feeling creative.

And as I am telling this to my dear hubby and he tells me that there is always excitement out here on the acreage, we hear this crazy noise! He went to the side of the house where it was coming from and shouted to me to go shut off the air conditioner. I figured a stick fell into the fan and one more repair would need to be made on this 100 year old "charmer."

Then Steve came around with a crazy grin on his face and said "You don't even want to know what that was!"  Ugh. Then I knew. A snake.
In the air conditioner.

I grabbed my camera and snapped away...
From inside the house of course!

By this point I figured we were in the clear. The tail end was freed and he just had to get the other end out.

Ummmm.... wrong way.

At this point the brave Maicy and I who were watching from our perch inside started looking around for vents. To which my husband replies that I cleary have no clue how the a/c actually works. No, no I don't. Just tell me snakes won't be slithering through my house.

Enter brave men, pulling apart air conditioner. Did I mention that to get to the a/c in the first place they had to plow through weeds with a weedeater? This is the wooded side of the house which has had no attention. You can bet that Steve will be clearing this out soon.

You can't see it great here, but Steve has it now in the fireplace tongs.
Oddly he didn't first hold it up for a picture. Huh.

For those who believe in letting the serpent go- turn away. He's not getting back in my airconditioner!

Oh yes, Maicy was brave enough to put on her boots and join the snake hunters. Notice her lovies laying on the floor which she was clinging to throughout the entire ordeal.

Then her brother fell backwards off the retaining wall that led to the woods, and well, I told her she should just stay put. Don't worry, Jackson is fine, just scared the wits out of all of us!

Yes, I could have taken the time to get a clear picture, but as much as I love and trust my husband, I didn't. And at that point I was outside. ( the snake is actually dead here, lest you think me brave.) I snapped and ran.
And thanked him for the blog post.

After watching this serpent trying to do everything in its power to enter my home, the devil taking on the serpent is just more frightening. I hate snakes anyway. The devil as this creepy thing trying to contort his body to enter into places where he doesn't belong.... *shudder* I can barely handle the thought. I just pray that together we work as hard as we did to keep this snake out of our home keeping the real serpent out.

2 Corinthians 11:3

But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

So, if you're still here, thanks for barreling through!
Are you deathly afraid of snakes?
What is it about snakes that slither that frighten us?
Does the serpent try to find your weak spots and enter in?

Monday, June 7, 2010

giggles inside of me

Ever see something that makes you giggle and not able to stop?
This was what I followed on my way to the acreage this weekend.
Sorry about the poor quality- I had to use my cell not my nice camera. ;)

It is a Uhaul trailer being hauled on a trailer and on the back of the Uhaul it says "Need a hitch or towing accessory?"

Ummm.... do YOU?

Friday, June 4, 2010

I've pouted, kicked, cried, screamed... and won!!

You have heard me whine.

 Seen my sad pictures.

Offered your advice.

Folks, I am here to tell you that it hasn't been for naught.

And I am happy to report that da-da-da-da! I am a proud new owner of a Nikon D3000.
Now, before you non-Nikon loving people roll your eyes and offer your advice too late on what I should have gotten instead, don't. A new camera has been on my wish list for years. YEARS. And now I have one. Don't burst my bubble. Thank you.

Now, for all you who are supportive of the Nikon- bring on the advice!!
It is super easy to use, I will say that. I have gotten some pretty awesome pictures just from reading my manual and not having to get to crazy with the settings. But, if anyone has great tips, I'd love to hear them!!

What's that?

 Well sure I can show you some pics that I have taken so far. So glad you asked.

Our cherry tree promising yummy treats to come

A pink flower that I don't know what its called because I didn't plant it and I know little.
But it's pretty.

A froggie that came to say goodnight at our bedroom door.
(someone should tell spellcheck that "froggie" is indeed a word. Is too.)

My super cute cool strawberry picker. He works cheap.

S'more eating munchkin. I love how my super cool camera got the gooey string of marshmallow.

Just me and my girl. Which I realize tips the scales once again in favor of the GIRL photos. This was brought to my attention this week as Jackson stole my old camera and looked through the pictures and his comment was " Did you ever hear of your son Jackson? Did you think of taking his picture???" Keep in mind that this is the same boy who last week at his school concert purposely hid behind the boy in front of him when he saw me lift my camera. Yeah. That son Jackson.

Here is the downfall to my camera. My spots not only showed up on my face, buy my glasses as well. Because you all needed to know that my glasses are dirty. No secrets here. Even fewer if I made this pic full size. But I don't need anyone spewing out their morning coffee all over my face.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Kickin'!!

Its been almost a week?! Really?
How did that happen?!
Sorry to have dropped off the face of blog world! What's that? Oh--- you didn't notice. Okay, well, if you did, sorry. I haven't posted and haven't exactly been visiting anyone else either. So I miss catching up with all of you!!

First things first. Jury Duty.
According to your comments, pretty much none of you have served. So, I am here to tell ya 'bout it so that when your turn comes, you will know what's coming. Or not. They are all different.

My Wednesday started by walking into a very impressive looking building with polished marble floors- loosely translated, watch the corners in your cute kitten heels- you may be sliding instead of gracefully walking. Not that I would do that. Nope.  I followed the signs up to the room marked for us. I didn't know if I was to check in, wait, what? It was dead. silent. still. So I asked. Annoyingly someone told me to just sit. Okay, I'll sit. Had it been a more predictable crowd I may have asked if this were the jury room or the funeral home. But I bit my cheek. In silence. Seriously. So quiet. It was like we were all being taken to the gas chamber next.

Relief came when we entered the court room and the judge cracked the joke instead. ;) I liked him instantly!!

I survived the selection process. By not speaking. That's my way of survival that's for sure!!
Thursday morning 13 of us showed up for the trial. Somehow the day went fast and it was very interesting. Then it was done.
Friday morning we listened to closing arguments. Deliberated. Verdict. Done. Before noon.
Painless. Kinda fun. Very interesting. I recommend every one try it. That's what the judge told us to say- tell everyone it was good. And we did all agree. Our attitudes had changed 180 degrees by the time we were done. By noon you really couldn't keep us quiet and everyone cracked jokes. 13 strangers brought together for a brief moment. Deciding one man's future. The judge said find 5 people and tell them. So, I'm finding a few more and telling you all- jury duty is a positive experience. Especially once you get your families schedules figured out.

Okay, I realize there wasn't much here today, but just had to let you know I'm still here and will be back again. Soon!!!

Today's question- What did you do for your 3 day weekend?! Can't wait to hear! I hope its better than mine with the stomach flu!!