Friday, May 28, 2010

Civic Duty

I had plans this week.
The US Government had different plans for me.
Jury Duty.
So long life.
This is my first experience on a jury- so far its interesting.
In honor of me not being able to talk about it- me? not talk?! no way!- I would like to let YOU  talk for me.

Have you served on a jury?
What kind of case?
Did you enjoy it?
Do you like bubble baths and chocolate?

Next week I hope to be able to share my experience, in the mean time, its YOUR turn!
Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burial of a Sergeant and a Love Note

Yesterday I had the great privilege duty of traveling with my son's 3rd grade class on their field trip.
Because what could be better than a bumpy bus ride with 35 noisy, sweaty 3rd graders?!
I know. You're jealous.
Here's a riveting recap.
You're welcome!

We entered the journey of Lewis and Clark as they buried Sergeant Floyd high on the bluffs above the Missouri River:
... they talked to us and stared at us. No, not creepy at all.

Here is the version of them that I prefer:

We colored and worked on puzzles...
...he's cute isn't he?! Yeah. I know. He's mine.

We explored a bit on our own...
Yup, still mine.

And we dined on the finest cuisine that I could fit into my pretty Barbie lunch bag

Speaking of my Barbie lunch bag... that was my highlight of the day.
Miss Maicy thought it necessary to pack my lunch for me since I was borrowing her lunch bag.
Wanna know what she put in there for me?

Well, the traditional lunch, yes.

But this was better than any kettle cooked potato chips:

(that 'd' is supposed to say 'day'. Knowing her she most likely got distracted... oh! a bird!... umm she gets that from me!)

She melts my heart.
I think I'll keep her.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Spilled over

I really do prefer to keep things light around here. I like being able to laugh and to make my readers laugh. But once in awhile, I am so overcome by emotion that I need to share the work of the Holy Spirit instead.

Yesterday was Pentecost. The celebration of the Holy Spririt's presence. We wore red. Red adorned the church. Revival Fire Fall and Holy Spirit Rain Down were sung to gear us up for the celebration.

And there was communion. Sweet communion. Amazing Grace.

That saved a wretch like me.
My cup spilled over onto my paper.

My tears flowed. Just as His blood was spilled for ME. His blood spilled for YOU.

The Lord has promised good to me...
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be...
as long as life endures.

Take a moment if you were unable to yesterday.
His blood. For you.

Welcome the Holy Spirit into your heart.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gone and Done It

They said it couldn't be done.
Skeptics feared they may never see the day.
I told them it would be so, but they doubted just the same.

But I did it.

I cleaned, I mean cleaned, my closet.

Phew! I'm beat!

This is where I started:

It's scary, I know, don't worry, I know it's bad. You aren't telling me anything I don't know.

According to professional organizer Elizabeth Hagen, you are to completely empty your closet to clean it. So I did. What do you mean that you don't believe I could know about such things as professional organizers?! I have gone and listened to her. Even purchased supplies. I just have poor follow through. But we're here now aren't we? And that's what matters. Moving on.

My empty closet:
That's a pretty crazy feeling, good mostly.

Then I walked into my bedroom.

Unh hunh.
This may present a problem.

So I sorted. Piles of KEEP, THROW, CONSIGNMENT
The bigger pile is the consignment one. The dress in the garment bag, still has the tags on it.
Wanna see?

I bought this 8 years ago. EIGHT YEARS people!! I bought it for a cruise and we needed an evening gown. Then my niece (whose parents were going with us) got gravely ill and spent 2 and half months in the hospital, and we found out I was prego- me and pregnancies don't go so well together, so between the two things, the cruise was cancelled. But I kept the dress just in case.
Evidently I fully believed that despite the fact that I have never lost the weight from that 2nd pregnancy and in fact gained more since... ummm... why did I think the dress would still fit if ever I need it again?! Just for giggles I tried it on lasts night. In front of witnesses ( I am sorry Holly that you may forever be stuck with that image in your head!) Guess what? I couldn't zip it! No really, go figure! So, it goes buh-bye.

Sorry for the long bunny trail, kudos if you've made it out of that and still know what's going on.
Long story... er, longer, here is my swanky new closet just begging for me to go shopping and fill it back up!

Yes, color coded in order of shirt style. I prefer it to be all in color order and then in style of shirt, but this is how I'm told to do it.
ahhh... now I'm going to soak in the tub.

So, do you hold on to things that you know are ridiculous? Or do you pitch anything and everything whenever you get the chance?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend recap- too tired for a good title!

The weekend is over. Hallelujah.
Here is a riveting recap... but its got lots of pictures to keep you entertained!

We enjoyed Dutch Dancing:

No really, he enjoyed it.

We enjoyed corn dogs
(inside the salon I work at because it was only 40 degrees outside, and rainy)

The kids rode floats...
Jackson isn't quite the hugger that his sister is!

We tiptoed pouted through the tulips

We scrubbed streets...
Before you comment, you should know that there is nothing flattering about a Dutch costume. Nothing. Don't judge me. And it was cold. Very cold, so I had extra layers on. Yeah. That was it.

This will forever be the funniest picture to me! Do you see how all the kids are looking in one directon? Evidently one parade watcher seemed to have found her own spirit to move her (our Tulip Festival is a very dry occasion) and was whooping it up for the entire parade. It was near the end and when this eccentric lady runs out to each float, the kids really never knew what to do.

We laughed in the tulips too...
If you look closely you can see how tired my dear Miss Maicy's eyes are, but she wasn't giving in.

We also took some time out for my beautiful niece to get married!!
I couldn't be more happy for them! Such a great couple who are headed in the right direction in life! God is their center, and I pray will continue to be! Love you, Dave and Shawna! (sorry I don't actually have a picture of the couple, just Shawna and her little buddy!)

So if this weekend looked like tons of fun, or just so curious that you have to see for yourself, head out to our neck of the woods the 3rd weekend in May, we'll be here!!

And, after all of that. I need to share my greatest highlight.
Are you ready?

My 9 year old son learned how to set my coffee pot.
Yes, that's right.
He cleans the coffee pot, refills it all, hits the set button.
And wha-la! My coffee is done!
God bless that boy, that is by far the best gift.
Some of you will get this, that it is a huge treat to not have to make your coffee everyday.
And some of you are like "what's wrong with her?!" Its okay, there is a natural tug of war when it comes to my fan base!

Did you all have a reat weekend?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The buzz in the air

It's that time of year again.
So many things on the calendar. Soccer, programs, programs, programs, programs, programs, graduations, weddings, and if you live 'round these parts, Tulip Festival. Which means sausijsjes, pies, soups to be made  and shifts to be worked. All of the month is great stuff, fun to attend, but crazy busy schedules.

Are you wondering if this is yet another busy mom whining about busy schedules? Nope, I promise you that it isn't. I am aware of the craziness that everyone endures this month, and I am certainly no more special than anyone of them. I enjoy the Festival and it makes up for the craziness. The work is so much fun because its done together. We have the opportunity to get to know parents that we may not otherwise get the chance to get to know.

I am just telling you this because I am not posting more than this this week.

This week our town celebrates our Tulip Festival. We are a mostly Dutch heritage community and we celebrate our heritage each year. At this time our town's meager population catapults beyond its normal capacity. Very exciting. Very busy. I need to focus on that this week. My kids will be doing sporting their wooden shoes while Dutch dancing, street scrubbing, and riding on floats.
Oh, and lets not forget the carnie rides. Ick.  But being the good mom that I am, I will just stand along side of them while eating my corndog and funnel cake. That's right, I take it for the home team. :)

And if none of this entire post made any sense to you... well you're clearly not Dutch.
For clarification or confusion, I want to share a few of my favorite Dutch expressions with you. I will only do the ones I have an official defintion for because most them that I learned growing up, I cannot share with you, without offending you. Just kidding. Sort of.
Keep in mind that I took these from my son's homework from last year during his Holland unit. His writing wasn't that easy to read, but from my memory and knowledge, we did pretty well. I think.

Vuiltje- (flooshie)- fuzzy on clothing
benauwd- (sound it out, nope, that's wrong) - to feel anxious or chokey
kaas-(kas) cheese
vies- (feese) filthy or dirty
woest-(woost) wild behavior
kastje- (not a clue)- a small cupboard that stands by itself

And now, if you are still with me on this crazy mixed up jumbled post, here are some pictures from Tulip Festivals past. Back when I could still lie to my children about carnival rides being limited and the stands running out of cotton candy and the festival only being 2 days not 3. sigh. The good old days. ( and please, for those of you with cameras with removable lenses and fancy crap, don't knock my picture quality, I do what I can. Thank you)

So if you are in the area- or within a 2 day drive ;), bren ons een bezoek!! (pay us a visit)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I hate most

Awhile back Emily Ann Benedict, a wonderfully talented author, tagged me in a post. The post was I like, I love, I hate. If you are tagged, you are invited to post your version of the list.  Basically its a fun way for all of us to get to know each other a little more.

I have taken some time, lots of time actually, and come up with my answers.

I LOVE knowing I am saved by grace alone!
I LOVE listening to the crazy things my kids come up with on a daily basis!
I LOVE when my hubby smiles and shows his crazy awesome dimples!

I like blogging and meeting all kinds of amazing people
I like being a stay at home mom who works one or two days a week - I clearly don't like to be put in a box
I like working outside on a Saturday with my family. but would prefer to go shopping.

I hate people who are mean to others
I hate my view of myself
I HATE cancer!

The last one is what was behind me finally getting this post done.
I am a fixer and a doer by nature. I cannot fix cancer. I cannot undo what is being done to my aunts body. I know that God can. And I know that if it is not God's plan for her to dwell on earth with her family, that He will provide grace for her and her family in the next few weeks.

Tonight I ask you for prayer. I cry out to God in the name of my Aunt Joyce. She has fought the good fight, she is nearing the finish, she is keeping the faith.
Will you pray for her journey? Comfort for her family? Peace for all?  Peace for my 93 year old grandma who is in the hospital with suspected stomach ulcers? She is 93 and nothing she can do to save her daughter while she sits with good health, do we need to wonder why she has ulcers? You met her here, pray for her now too. Thank you in advance for praying

Okay, I need to tag some people as a fomality now so that this whole get to know one another thing better can continue, so, I am tagging some gals that I have "met" recently and know little about. On with the show!

Gabby @ Sweetest Pea
Jennifer@ StudioJRU
Cherie@ Journal of Faith

Pop on over and meet these great gals, and thank you again, for praying!

"Now, our God, hear the prayers and petitions of your servant. For your sake, O Lord, look with favor on your desolate sanctuary.  Give ear, O God, and hear; open your eyes and see the desolation of the city that bears your Name. We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy." Daniel 9:17-18

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Earth shattering post.. .look out!

This week I have stuff to say, maybe that you don't want to hear - like that a plus size model is a size 10- or that I feel life is great because Kate is off Dancing with the Stars - or that on Saturday I hit my head on a door frame causing a nice golfball sized lump on my head, twisted my ankle, and broke a flipflop(not til I was actually at a store mind you), but sadly these are not the topics you are going to hear about today. I know, try to pick up the pieces of your shattered life.

As important as all that is, it doesn't hold a candle to what I have to talk about. It has been causing interesting conversations in homes all across America, my facebook page and I thought you all should be a part of it! I know that you are all on the edge of your seats right now, just waiting to get in on this riveting conversation.

I ordered a shower curtain a few weeks back. My husband refused to open it because he was certain that when I saw it, I would agree that it should immediately be returned. That I couldn't possibly have picked out that curtain on purpose. But, oh, he was wrong! I love the curtain. The bathroom is painted a lovely turquoise, and while I could have gone with a number of brown and turquoise varieties like everyone else I know it seems, I didn't want to. So, I got this one:

I love the dainty little birds and the branches with a few splashes of color.

He claims his grandmother would think it outdated.


So now dear reader friends, what is your opinion? I have been attacked already on Facebook and can take your honest opinions, for everyone is entitled to their own. I just prefer of course that you agree with me. :)
Let us not forget that I am more stubborn and will keep the curtain either way. I just like to have a little back up once in awhile.