Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

I realize its been awhile since I said anything here. I wish there was more to say. We have had no phone calls and so far don't feel completely called to act on any of the sibling groups that we have found online.
I found this picture of Maicy today and felt that it fits how I feel lately. Life is turned upside down, but now we just sit and wait to see what's next. I do know that anyone who has walked this adoption journey ahead of us or is going on it now, knows how I feel. At first you are so busy getting all of this paperwork together, we had classes with homework to take us through the fall, all of this new excitement with each new accomplishment, and well, now we wait. I believe that what makes waiting so difficult is that we have absolutley no control over it! We are forced into patience and to lean on our Heavenly Father for His perfect timing. I know this in my head and in my head I am prepared for the wait. Its my heart that doesn't want to listen. My arms ache to hold another child in my arms and to say "Welcome Home, here you will be loved and safe"
Honestly- I may have lied earlier when I said that "we" don't feel called to act on these sibling groups, I want to take each and every child home that I see their picture and read their brief story. Steve is of course much more practical then I am, that's why we make a great match. And as he dawdles, usually the children are placed in that time. At first I want to get mad and frustrated certain that "those were the ones!!" But, I do know, that they aren't/weren't the ones. If they were, God would have made things happen here. And they would still be waiting and available for us. God is bringing us through this each day, and I am working on my patience.
Perspective is our MOPS topic tomorrow. I know that it will be good for me. My perspective on our adoption process is that we have been waiting for almost a year since that is when we made the final decision. Steve's perspective is that we have only had our license and homestudy for one month. His perspective does make waiting easier.
Okay. That's really all that I had for now. In the future if I have nothing on our process, I will try to at least update on things our family is doing and add pics of the kids. I hate for you to get bored and stop checking in on us!
Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

We will never get bored walking along with you on this journey! We are happy and blessed to be a part of not only this journey but the greater journey of life in such a time as this with you and all whom we love! Our hearts leap with joy and expectation of what God has in store for you and our family as a whole. Expect GREAT things!
-Karen :O)

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia - I "popped" in on your blog today. In a way I know how you feel, and yet I am not you so I can't entirely know how you feel. It is hard when you hear all the time that there are so many kids that need homes. You put yourself out there and then nothing happens. All I can say is hang in there. You are not alone in your waiting. I am willing to "talk" any time. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Shelly N.