Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Get this blog rolling!

Okay, So I am not very good at updating. Mostly because as far as adoption goes, there is nothing to tell right now. So, since its my blog and I can do what I want as you hopelessly read along, or don't, I will start writing more. About whatever at all. Because after all, the blog is titled "life's a journey" and we are still on a journey. No matter how mundane those days may be, its our journey. So, stay tuned... soon... very soon.... I will bore you on a much more regular basis!! I would like to share a few things right now, some important, some not so much.
  • It is National Foster Parent Month! How great really! So, (this was supposed to be up before Mother's Day) please take a moment to pray especially for Foster Moms. They are amazing people who are quite selfless. I don't know how they do it, but I do know that God upholds them each and every day. And a few more prayers on their behalf would be awesome.
  • We did have our first official phone call to take someone in. Unfortunately it was just not a situation that would have been good in our home at all. Please know, we are not "picky" so to speak, but we have discussed at great lengths what is best for our family and those we would take in. We have ages and situations in our mind. Not that we aren't open to God's plans, it was just very clear to us both that this was not at all in His plan for us. I believe it was practice for me to say "no" What!? NO?! Yeah, new word for me. (my kids disagree!) But in all honesty it is so hard for me to say that. So, it was a good lesson, and I am relieved that I was able to be tested and I feel I passed.
  • TULIP FESTIVAL in the OC!! Random, yup. What can I say. This is on my mind, its busy, its fun, and then, on Saturday night around 10:30, I will be done! Yeah! Tonight I was busy finishing up Maicy's lace accessories for her costume, which somehow I had forgotten about aaaallll year long. See, I made her(and mine) costume last year ( okay I had a little help) and then I got very angry at the lace from my costume, so I decided hers could wait til winter. Good winter project right? Yeah. I forgot. Until someone wanted to borrow her old costume and I realized she had been using the same lace since she was about 1. Now its done.
  • Pictures will be posted after the festival, promise!!

Have a great day and God Bless!

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