Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 years. A Decade?

I don't know for sure how it happened or when it happened... but my baby got big.
Real big.
10 years ago today we were terrified new parents as we welcomed into this world a 3lb baby boy. 
3lbs 6oz that forever changed us
He was small, but he never failed to let us know that he was the one in charge.
A very proud daddy of a very small baby
 Today, he is not so small, and neither is the joy he brings us.

Jackson, you make us laugh til we cry and if we cry you make sure we end in laughter.
Your sarcastic humor that we all know is from me never ceases to amaze me. Or frighten me.
Your heart of gold is a treasure and I pray that you will never lose that.
TEN YEARS?! I don't know how it happened, but it has been a joy to watch you grow and to see God at work in you. I look forward to watching you for the next several decades. I know they're going to be great.

Jackson's 9th birthday
And maybe, just maybe, you'll pose for another picture with your mama. Please?


Gabby said...

Happy Birthday!

I love my sweet blond haired boy, too! It is rare that he will pose for a pic, but the other night at prayer time he actually asked for a hug and held on to me tight. I almost cried and tried to savor that moment (they are less frequent every year), he seems to always be buzzing with energy instead of being in the mood to cuddle like my girlie!

Hope you guys celebrate big! My goodness he was tiny at 3 pounds! My son was 8 pounds 6 ounces and everyone kept talking about how huge his feet were! Ha! He has grown into them now!

Thank you for my message! :) Will get back to you soon!

Marissa said...

ahhh what a sweet post and picture :) Why do they grow up so fast??! Ugh, makes me wanna hold my four and one year old a little tighter today. at least he poses for pics with his Momma! Yay, probably made your day!

Happy Birthday!!!

Diane said...

Sweet pictures! Happy Birthday!!! :O)

Amy DeTrempe said...

Happy Birthday! They do grow up so fast. Be careful not to blink.