Friday, February 25, 2011

The Love of the Game

They suit up. They put on their game face. Line up to cheer on their teammates.
Skate hard. Defend the goal.

Push and shove to keep the puck from entering their goal... maybe a little too much pushing...

Yeah, that's mine in the penalty box...

 These Squirts work hard.
They practice hard and want to win. They fight until the end.
The other teams are bigger, faster, better.
They live and breathe for the sport.
Last weekend, we fought hard.
We lost big.

We know the teams, we know they are going to crush us.
We fight hard anyways.

Game 3. Sunday morning.
Down so many players we only have 3 subs.
Those boys fought hard, played an awesome game.
They were tired.

Heads drooped from exhaustion.
A rival coach comes in.
The blizzard has kept too many of his players away.
They forfeit their game but the boys who are here still want to play.
Can you help us out?

Faces light up.
Eyes sparkle.
Cheers go up.

These formal rivals are now teammates.
Once exhausted, new life is breathed into them

 3 teams playing as one.
Simply for the love of the game.
The "3 State All-Stars" as they were dubbed by the coach played hard, had a great time, and in the end, tied the game.
What a way to play.


Diane said...

So exciting and a great way to play and finish up. Hugs to you! :O)

Marissa said...

seriously want to see a hockey game SO badly! I've never been but you sure gave me some fun :)

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

Wow, what a great story of community and comaraderie -- and love of the game!

Gabby said...

The fact that your son can play hockey is amazing to me! That sport seems so hard and TOUGH!
We don't have an ice rink nearby, but it is pretty impressive that they can skate, much less play a sport in skates! Once I ice skated as a kid and I almost busted my rump!

I actually got a sunburn at soccer Saturday. In Feb.? How absurd is that? I looked like a doofus at church today with a bright red neck and chest. Who wears sunscreen in Feb.?
I think the teamwork your boys displayed speaks volumes for their character. My son's team has had to work out some kinks this year, but they are learning to win (and lose) more graciously and as a supportive team and not a bunch of individuals.
Sports can teach a lot of life lessons, can't they?

Gabby said...

You crack me up! The training I was at recently where the main speaker did not show up, she was from Iowa! I forgot that you two were from there, she could not get out due to FOG! She teaches ski lessons and lives on a gorgeous lake, so I don't know how bad I feel for you getting the best of two worlds!
(Just kidding, I do feel bad for you.) except you have a sweet baby to cuddle and keep you warm!!

Amy Sullivan said...

I grew up in northern Michigan. . .that means I pretty much LOVE hockey. Sadly, not a lot of hockey action in NC!