Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Instead of posting the last 2 weeks...

I went to school with Maicy to make Green Eggs and Ham. I love Green Eggs and ham, Sam I am!
Then I went to school with Jackson to make corn husk dolls and spool knit.
At this point I emailed those pics to Steve who replied that I was not adjusting to both kids being in school full time, so I needed to go along with them. There may be some truth to that... It's okay, I am not too proud to say it. And any mom who has been where I am now, would agree. ;)
We celebrated our baby turning 6 years old. She had a Gigi themed birthday. For those who don't know, Gigi is a character by Sheila Walsh, and she is God's little Princess. We love her books!
Before the birthday, we celebrated Easter. Here are the kids all dressed up in the morning, and then freezing searching for Easter eggs. Next year, we will get them fancy new winter coats and snowpants for Easter!
  • I guess that's all. This has been a very busy month around here, not all of it caught on camera, and some is, just didn't get posted. So, I apologize for not updating more. The truth of the matter is, as far as the adoption process we really have nothing to update. I think our homestudy has been sent to an adoption worker, but, there is a communication gap with our agency, so I don't know for sure. I thank you for your prayers, and we will update as soon as anything happens!
  • In the meantime, we really are doing well. The kids are adjusting to Steve working out of town, they are playing soccer-- in 30 mph winds which is just so much fun for me freezing my rear off! (if that really worked, oh, wouldn't that be great!) I am keeping busy-- albeit by following my kids to school--and we are experiencing nothing but peace right now.

  • I know that we are in God's plan and that He hasn't forgotten about us. He knows our desires, and He knows our needs. We will wait on Him.
  • Thanks for stopping in! I am now off to clean and organize the toy room! (see, I am very busy!)

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