Saturday, June 13, 2009

So, maybe not...

I am sorry for the lack of updates, it has been a crazy few weeks around here. May usually is and all of a sudden, June is half over!! I don't have much to tell you.... the case in NC that we had submitted our homestudy to for review didn't turn out. I guess I had a feeling it wouldn't, they did want to keep them in the state. Understandable. The other case, the one that I have really felt that God has called us to and that I truly have had on my heart that it could be the one, I found out today that the chances are pretty slim. The Bio mom will more than likely regain custody-- I know that should be a good thing, but not if she really doesn't change. Prayers for that little guy are needed, as well as for his bio family and foster family. I did get to hear from others who took the PS-MAPP class with us this week, which was very fun! Sadly, I think everyone is feeling frustration also. It is hard when you are so ready to open up your hearts and homes to another child, or children, and God's answer is "wait." So we wait. I am reading and re-reading the verses from all of you, and I am finding comfort in them and finding new ones as well. I know the best thing to do now is to lean on Him and to wait on Him.

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Anonymous said...

waiting is NOT my strong suit. it takes such a long time for me to get to the decision point that BAM, let's do this! Zoom zoom!

But I know the perfect kid(s) is/are out there for you; the one(s) that need(s) you.

OH I AM SO NEUROTIC I can't leave a simple comment without it being perfect. Where's the wine???

I mean it though. So there.