Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost: my mind. Please return if found

Its official, I have lost my mind. Its got to be out there somewhere.

For those of you who know me, try to hide the shock that up until this point it was indeed intact. Thankyouverymuch.

What leads me to believe that my mind is currently dwelling with the Lost Boys? Twice this week I forgot appointments. Twice. Completely. You want to know why? I didn't put them into my super special phone that carries all information crucial to my survival. And therefore, I would have had to actually think - imagine!- to know where I was meant to be. Clearly, that was not in my cards this week. Next thing you know I will be putting a reminder in my phone to remind me to put in my appointments.

When on earth did my fairly sharp mind ( I said sharp, not smart!) mind lose the ability to think? Are we too dependent on gadgets and gizmos to get us through our day? Are we so completely overbooked that there is no possible way we can keep our lives straight?

Some days I long to be a part of a time where there were no computers, cell phones, or frankly even phones in every home. A simple time where families worked together and played together because that was all you could do.

And then my microwave beeps because my popcorn is done and I snap out of it and thank God for how far we have come. :)

How about you? Do you depend on technology to get you through the day? Or are you still thinking about getting on board with one of those crazy things called a tape deck?


Lynda Young said...

I once took part in a no technology day.. it was painful. I need my computer, my reading light at night, my phone :)

alicia said...

Okay, that would be hard! I think the idea of it is great and would start out fun and freeing, but then, just like when there is a power failure, you realize how much you depend on electricity!

Jennifer said...

I hear you! It's one of those "can't live with can't live without" things. My computer got a virus and I was without it for a week... seemed like forever. I kept thinking I needed to do this and check on this and write to this person... but it was all on the computer! :)

Lisa said...

If you are no longer the smart one does that mean I am no longer the pretty one?

Faith Imagined said...

I can SO relate to this post! It would be nice to have a ranch house where my family could getaway for a weekend away from computers and phones. Maybe someday. (:

Kim said...

long live the blackberry for keeping me straight with knowing where I need to be... I know, its sad,and I don't even have kids to keep up with

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Hi Alicia. I've tagged you on my blog today. :) Just a little bit of fun.

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Cherie Hill said...

I still rely on a pocket calendar...I'm just a "write it down" kind of person. ;)
Blessings sister,