Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The buzz in the air

It's that time of year again.
So many things on the calendar. Soccer, programs, programs, programs, programs, programs, graduations, weddings, and if you live 'round these parts, Tulip Festival. Which means sausijsjes, pies, soups to be made  and shifts to be worked. All of the month is great stuff, fun to attend, but crazy busy schedules.

Are you wondering if this is yet another busy mom whining about busy schedules? Nope, I promise you that it isn't. I am aware of the craziness that everyone endures this month, and I am certainly no more special than anyone of them. I enjoy the Festival and it makes up for the craziness. The work is so much fun because its done together. We have the opportunity to get to know parents that we may not otherwise get the chance to get to know.

I am just telling you this because I am not posting more than this this week.

This week our town celebrates our Tulip Festival. We are a mostly Dutch heritage community and we celebrate our heritage each year. At this time our town's meager population catapults beyond its normal capacity. Very exciting. Very busy. I need to focus on that this week. My kids will be doing sporting their wooden shoes while Dutch dancing, street scrubbing, and riding on floats.
Oh, and lets not forget the carnie rides. Ick.  But being the good mom that I am, I will just stand along side of them while eating my corndog and funnel cake. That's right, I take it for the home team. :)

And if none of this entire post made any sense to you... well you're clearly not Dutch.
For clarification or confusion, I want to share a few of my favorite Dutch expressions with you. I will only do the ones I have an official defintion for because most them that I learned growing up, I cannot share with you, without offending you. Just kidding. Sort of.
Keep in mind that I took these from my son's homework from last year during his Holland unit. His writing wasn't that easy to read, but from my memory and knowledge, we did pretty well. I think.

Vuiltje- (flooshie)- fuzzy on clothing
benauwd- (sound it out, nope, that's wrong) - to feel anxious or chokey
kaas-(kas) cheese
vies- (feese) filthy or dirty
woest-(woost) wild behavior
kastje- (not a clue)- a small cupboard that stands by itself

And now, if you are still with me on this crazy mixed up jumbled post, here are some pictures from Tulip Festivals past. Back when I could still lie to my children about carnival rides being limited and the stands running out of cotton candy and the festival only being 2 days not 3. sigh. The good old days. ( and please, for those of you with cameras with removable lenses and fancy crap, don't knock my picture quality, I do what I can. Thank you)

So if you are in the area- or within a 2 day drive ;), bren ons een bezoek!! (pay us a visit)


Shelly said...

We are visiting! We are visiting! I am the crazy mom who is pulling my kids out of school and driving 4 hours so my kids can stand in long lines in cold and rainy weather for ride night. I am not packing the Dutch costumes, however. Actually, I justified the trip to see friends and check on our house that hasn't sold yet! Have a great Tulip Festival. I might actually enjoy it this year because I am no longer an OC resident and I don't have to "do" anything!

Diane said...

Love the pictures and your outfits. So clever!

no dutchness here. My daughter would love the cheese though! :O)

Lisa said...

Did you have to mention the corndogs!?! I will miss you guys this year, think of me as you eat all of that good stuff

Jennifer said...

Aww... that sounds like so much fun! And your pictures are so darn cute! :)

alicia said...

Shelly- the church float just won't be the same without Jon and his puppet this year! :)

Diane- nothing to dislike about cheese!

Sorry Lisa! Maicy was just talking about you tonight and how sad it is that you aren't coming... next year!

Jennifer-you should bring your beautiful art next year! There is an art in the park on the Saturday of the festival! :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOW! I love all those pics! Looks like a great time.....thanks for sharing. :)

DORCAS said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see this years pictures. I hope it's not too cold. By the way you are a GREAT picture taker.



Cherie Hill said...

LOVE the pics sister...we went to the tulip fields in WA state...SO awesome! I'll never forget it!
Love to you!

Gabby said...

Tulips are my most favorite flower! I love everything about the festival you described, and I wish I was closer!

Bina said...

I like your hat...

Laura said...

This looks like SO much fun. And if I were not so incredibly far SOUTH, I'd hop on over there!

Thanks for the glimpse!

Alexis said...

I am visiting your blog for the first time and just loved this post!

I will be honest and say that I look at your pictures and wish I had tradition and culture to pass down, it looks like you and your fam have a great time at the Tulip Festival!

Rachel said...

I love the tulips. They are absolutely breath-taking and such a sure sign that winter is gone. And the Dutch? Fabulous.

Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.