Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gone and Done It

They said it couldn't be done.
Skeptics feared they may never see the day.
I told them it would be so, but they doubted just the same.

But I did it.

I cleaned, I mean cleaned, my closet.

Phew! I'm beat!

This is where I started:

It's scary, I know, don't worry, I know it's bad. You aren't telling me anything I don't know.

According to professional organizer Elizabeth Hagen, you are to completely empty your closet to clean it. So I did. What do you mean that you don't believe I could know about such things as professional organizers?! I have gone and listened to her. Even purchased supplies. I just have poor follow through. But we're here now aren't we? And that's what matters. Moving on.

My empty closet:
That's a pretty crazy feeling, good mostly.

Then I walked into my bedroom.

Unh hunh.
This may present a problem.

So I sorted. Piles of KEEP, THROW, CONSIGNMENT
The bigger pile is the consignment one. The dress in the garment bag, still has the tags on it.
Wanna see?

I bought this 8 years ago. EIGHT YEARS people!! I bought it for a cruise and we needed an evening gown. Then my niece (whose parents were going with us) got gravely ill and spent 2 and half months in the hospital, and we found out I was prego- me and pregnancies don't go so well together, so between the two things, the cruise was cancelled. But I kept the dress just in case.
Evidently I fully believed that despite the fact that I have never lost the weight from that 2nd pregnancy and in fact gained more since... ummm... why did I think the dress would still fit if ever I need it again?! Just for giggles I tried it on lasts night. In front of witnesses ( I am sorry Holly that you may forever be stuck with that image in your head!) Guess what? I couldn't zip it! No really, go figure! So, it goes buh-bye.

Sorry for the long bunny trail, kudos if you've made it out of that and still know what's going on.
Long story... er, longer, here is my swanky new closet just begging for me to go shopping and fill it back up!

Yes, color coded in order of shirt style. I prefer it to be all in color order and then in style of shirt, but this is how I'm told to do it.
ahhh... now I'm going to soak in the tub.

So, do you hold on to things that you know are ridiculous? Or do you pitch anything and everything whenever you get the chance?


Gabby said...

You did awesome! Way to go! I love to pitch things out, because I love sparse, open spaces! I love the wooden shelves in your closet, I am stuck with wire racks... but one day. When soccer, cheerleading, and field trips no longer steal my funds away... I will have one of those awesome closets with a cool chair or couch in it (but no clothes! Ha)! Okay, maybe all my size 4 clothes! A girl can dream!

Marissa said...

visiting your blog...super funny post by the way :) Cute blog!
I read your comment on Letters from CoCo about the last movie you saw might have been Up....ha, I think that goes for me too!

Marissa said...

your newest follower :) And I LOVE how you have your 9 year old setting and cleaning your coffee pot...that's BRILLIANT :) My oldest son is almost 4, maybe he can learn early??

Anonymous said...

That looks AMAZING! I may have to check this organizing lady out this summer.

Nice work, chica.

To answer your question: growing up a poor kid means I've struggled a long, long time with holding onto things (mostly clothes, but other things too) b/c they were "perfectly good" and I felt guilty about throwing them away but wasn't organized enough to take them to a consignment store. With clothing I just haven't ever HAD very much, so I think well, this will make a good work/painting/cleaning shirt...jeans...whatever.

When we moved to Sioux Center I finally got rid of a TON of my clothes, coming to grips with the reality that yes, even though it's a lovely emerald green formal that I was given by someone I used to look up to, chances are there won't be a reason to wear it anytime soon. And also between the move and now I've gotten much more brutal about Yes, it was a very thoughtful graduation/wedding gift that has been taking up space in the Guilty Closet. Goodbye, have a nice life! :-)

I've been much better about the kids' clothes and things.

The end. /novella

Diane said...

Great progress! I'm tired just looking at those piles. You put a lot of work in there.

I do keep things for a while (especially clothes) hoping..... but then I decide to donate them after say 4-5 years of not fitting into them. :O)

Holly Dibbet said...

I should have gotten a picture of you in the dress.. I am still laughing! Thanks for allowing me the privilege to witness such a grad event and take a few things home with me!

DORCAS said...

It looks great! I need to redo mine soon here. I need more shelves! Thanks for sharing!



Bina said...

First of all, standing ovation!! I am proud of really. I hate cleaning my closet out...cuz I too have much that denial has convinced me to hold onto. Why? Dunno...but still they hang there.

Second, I hold onto a lot for too long, but I am good at throwing it out once I get it in my mind that I am DONE. For me...purses (luckily I have teenaged daughters who take them for me) and papers. I have papers from so many places and times...its gross.

Love you for being strong enough to do it and brave enough to show it!! You go girlfriend!!

Cristi said...

I am a pitcher but yet my hubby is not so it is hard to get rid of anything, lol. Your closet looks awesome, great job!!!! I have the same shelving in my closet. LOVE IT!!!

Deborah Ann said...

That is amazing! Lord, I need to clean my closet. My whole house, really. What an inspiration you are! I have dresses I have never worn, and probably never will. Hubby has been after me for years to tackle the closet. Better not show him your post...

Sara said...

Congratulations on a job well done, Alicia! I LOVE to keep my closet color coded..It's the best!
I usually give things away a little too quickly and then subsequently regret it. My sisters have this little running joke now, when I try to give them something (after much experience with me in the past asking if they ever wear such&such that I gave them & if not, could I have it back...I know, classy. But, only with my sisters) they give me a knowing smile and say, "how about we just hold onto it until you change your mind..." :-D

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness... you have a HUGE closet! It is awesome... and looks great by the way! Unfortunately I am a holder. I try not to be... but I just can't help myself! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your closet looks great! Your post inspired me to clean mine too and now mine looks great too! Thanks for the inspiration! -Esther