Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fired Up

I sat in my brother and sister in laws church and watched the young girls and their counselors worship.

I read the banner hanging up on the side "Fired Up".

I looked again at the faces up front.

There was not too much fire or passion burning. In fact, most of them, including the mentors looked as though they would rather be anywhere other then up there. Worshipping.

I looked at myself and felt the irony as well.

I can say the words, I can be where I need to be, but am I fired up?

Do I want to be in the front worshipping? Putting worship and quality time with Him first?

Sadly, no. My Bible study lessons get shoved to the end of the long to do lists. My prayers are short and hurried.

I feel that instead of one great big fire for Him, I have a whole bunch of lighters running out of fluid because I am fueling them with anything but the Word.

I need to stop dousing the flame in lighter fluid for a quick rush and work on stacking the wood just right and adding the right amount consistently to keep the fire burning steady and hot. I need to not let the embers turn to cold ashes.

How about you? Do you let your ashes burn out? How do you keep the fire for Him burning steady.

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Amy Sullivan said...

Fired up. I can picture the scene now.

How do I keep the fire for God burning? Sometimes it's a challenge. I tend to pray a lot when things are going well, and then back off when the big stuff hits. Sometimes when I'm hurt or angry, I find myself distant. Funny, just when I need him most, I pull away.

Jen said...

I used to be the opposite of Amy. I was one of those fox-hole pray-ers. Now, I keep myself grounded by reading a One Year bible. It's really amazing, how reading just a bit of God's word every day keeps me tethered to Him.

Anonymous said...

Great image of a sustainable fire verses a lighter running out of fuel. We build ourselves up so little that we burn up in a crisis as we have no substanse to sustain us.

Leslie said...

you paint a clear picture of what we need to persevere in this journey through life... and i see a theme in many of the posts today. "abide." may we all learn to practice the truth of that word...

Karen said...

Good thoughts. When our religion becomes a ritual, there's nothing to stoke that fire. Thanks for the timely reminder.

Graceful said...

I do tend to get fired up on Sunday morning...but it's keeping the flame buring all week long that's a challenge for me. I try to read the Bible early every morning before the kids get up...but I've been lazy and complacent lately -- I fear I am falling out of the habit. So yes, this is a timely reminder for me to keep the fire burning all day, every day, not just on Sunday morning for an hour!

Bina said...

For me...sometimes it is making myself face the reality that my pilot light is out...and then working to create an environment for myself that allows God to relight it. It means sitting down, putting on the praise songs that instantly melt my cold heart...forcing a pen into my hands and free writing where I am...until it meets up with where He longs for me to be.

Sounds harsh, written out, but sometimes...I need the butt-kicking ;o)