Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Than a Game

One of the things from a long list of worries when you move is teams. 
What kind of coaches will my kid have?
What kind of teammates will my kid be stuck with?
How good is this program and what are it's real goals, not just the "written goals". 
Ultimately, will my child and I be able to enjoy the new sports season in this new town?

#53 would be mine :)
The nerves I experienced as he started were unnecessary.
His teammates were stellar. Coming together as a team. No room for a one man show here.
Encouraging each other. 
Defending each other. 

The coaches... well we couldn't have asked for better men to lead our boys. They were firm in practice. Keeping them in line. Making them be as good as they could be. 
Yet when it was the Championship game and we fell...
they didn't yell. They didn't scream or throw their hats.
They said good game. Great season. Be proud. You. Are. Champions. 

Final huddle of the season- great work TEAM! 
I can throw in one of my boy right?! :) 
 To this team I say thank you. Thank you for being a great example. Thank you for playing clean. Thank you for playing strong. Thank you for being shining examples of what sporstmanship looks like. Thank you for being a team to be proud of. One that gets noticed. Not for it's wins, but for playing fair. Thank you to the parents for teaching your boys what it means to be a part of a team. And thank you coaches. For being great examples. For being what these young men needed. For teaching them to what happens on the field, stays on the field. For teaching them that integrity is more than the win. We will always hold you in our hearts.
I am sad to see this season end as it was such a great way for us to make new friends in this new place. But I know that we will always have a strong tie, because of this team.

(please ignore the first part of the video, if I knew how to edit that, I would, but seriously, I finally learned how to get the video to my computer- let's not get too picky!) 

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Jensamom23 said...

So important and I am so happy you were able to be involved on this team.