Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fa. La. La. De. Da.

I typically LOVE getting ready for Christmas. And by "LOVE", I mean run around like a crazy person, barking at whoever is in my way, and stressing about how something doesn't look right. What's not to love? Really it isn't that bad, I just prefer to do the decorating when no one else is around. Then all is well.
This year, while it was taking me awhile, we had a busy weekend with family so I squeezed in decorating where I could, it was still going well. I had a new tree, so I figured I wouldn't have to worry about lights. HA! The tree went up on Saturday night, and this is what I woke up to on Monday morning:
(the poor photography skills are deliberate to enhance the lighting issue. yeah, yeah, that's it)
Imagine my sheer delight to wake up and see that 1/3 of the tree is already off. Now I can try to figure out what fuse is out and try to replace it. Or I can wait until Wednesday night when my hubby gets home and have him do it! (My guess is he'll get right on that...just in time for New Year's that is.)
Please keep in mind that this tree was supposed to simplify my life. We used to have this monster 12' thing taking up our entire living room. Steve and I came to a mutual decision to rid our lives of it, or we would probably not be living under the same roof. (yes, I realize we don't right now during the week anyways, but I mean that me and the tree would probably be living under a bridge somewhere curled up in the fetal position) It was a nightmare of a tree.
Here it is on its last glorious Christmas Eve. Say good-bye to the giant tree kids, its going to get hurled into the fire soon! (not that its easy to hurl a 350lb mass into a fire, but you get the idea)
That's all for Scrooge talk today. I am working to regain my sanity be the end of the week. All should be well. Then we'll talk about "Christmas Tree Addiction" You'll want to stay tuned... I just know it! ;)

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