Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For Sale

So here it is, that time of year once again. City Wide Garage Sales! Are you ready?

Time to watch out as you innocently go out on your errands, there may be mom in a mini-van inching her way down the road, not sure if she wants to commit to stopping at that garage sale.

Then there's the other mom in her giant SUV who decides at the last minute- or even beyond the last minute- that she DOES want to stop at that one a half a block away.

The moms driving while holding up their garage sale map talking on the cell phone to their friend on the other end of town.

Did I mention the tug of war over the stroller or perhaps that pack 'n' play? Oh, my personal favorite.... the mob at my garage ready to strike anything that makes a sudden move in front of them patiently waiting for me to open the door.

You should know that I am mean and stubborn... and easily entertained. I refuse to open the doors even a minute early, no matter how restless the mob is or how bottlenecked the cul-de-sac gets. I enjoy watching from my windows laughing and even on occasion snapping pictures. I know, I'm sick. I started my stubborn streak for valid reason-I didn't like showing up to garage sales with items I hoped for at the time they were set to open, only to find out they decided to open an hour earlier because they just did. See, so I really am doing the people a service. Ummm... yeah. Something like that.

Are you a garage saler? Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Do you pitch and purge your own garbage in hopes of it becoming someone elses treasure? Or do you save and hold on to your own treasures and never want to give them up?

If you're in my neck of Iowa this week, be sure to stop by, I have plenty of treasures to give away! ;)


Diane said...

I used to hit up tons of sales but now hardly go. I loved garbage days they had once a year but now those are done too. Need to get back to those cheapies! :O)

Jensamom23 said...

I am laughing right now! I thought I was the only person who will not open my garage sale EARLY! People watching is the best...good luck and have fun.

Duane Scott said...

In my difficult day, this provided a smile. :) Thanks for that.

I do not garage sale.

However, with the women in my family, it's part of their religion.


P.S. I'd snap pictures too. :)

Rachel said...

Fun! I'm not a garage-saler, but I always wish I were - it sounds so fun!!

Melinda said...

Good luck with your garage sale! I had one this summer and although I made a little money, it didn't really seem worth all the effort! Maybe I just didn't have junk people wanted! ;0)

You live in Iowa?! We were just there this summer. My husband and I are both from Iowa. He was born in Charles City and grew up in Newton. I grew up in Des Moines until we moved to Florida. We both miss Iowa alot! Would love to move back to the friendly Midwest!

DORCAS said...

not a garage saler here but my sister in law does it for me. She's the one that likes going to those things. Its hard for me to go with the kids. But I do love a good deal.

Thanks for sharing