Friday, December 17, 2010

A Day in the Life

So in our first year with an advent calendar, I have been trying to come up with creative ways to fill those little doors with something other than daily candy.
On Wednesday, Jackson found Buddy the Elf (our elf on the shelf) and when he read the little note inside he cheered.... and I groaned. "A day with mom's good camera to take pictures of anything you want" Could this have fallen into worse hands?! I feared a great deal when he added to the bottom "and mom won't delete any."
Well, I said a quick prayer of gratitude that Jackson had a full day of school, hockey and cadets, so his spare time with my camera would be limited.
I tried to make a storyboard so as to not have a long string of pics, but I couldn't. Then I tried to make a slide show and I couldn't get the text to work. So, in just a plain old post of pictures, this is what my dear son encountered on that day.


Grumpy Sister

Mom driving us around... as usual... though I'm not sure she usually smiles while she's driving us.. hmmm...

Yup, still grumpy.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!

Mom is stomping the snow off her boots I guess.

Hey Dad! How's work going?!

Surprise, Grandma!

Snitching some goodies left at Dad's office...

Where I want to be.... skating, not the popcorn tin.

A dumpster. Of course.

Mom's dirty car stereo. She should clean it.

A house.

Baseball diamond covered in snow.

House going up in our neighborhood.

Neighbor's house.... trying to get a pic of Snoopy, maybe more dash than dog.

My Texas longhorn ornament that mom and dad got for me in San Antonio.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!


Jen said...

What a great treat! Oh, and I'm sentimental to the Texas Longhorn being from Texas and all.

Jensamom23 said...

What fun! He did a great job, too.

Duane Scott said...

What fun to walk a day with you and see what you see. ;)