Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the thought that counts...

Going on the assumption that it really is the thought that counts, well... you all have had some great reading and entertainment here this week!
However if you can't read my thoughts and have no clue how touching the greatest Christmas Story really is, or how cute it was when my daughter sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (her version) on my first ever video post,(I know you all just said a prayer of thanks that you didn't have to torture yourselves with that)  then I guess I'll give you this:

I'm a little bit off schedule this week due to this happening not once.But TWICE yesterday. I have several dozen cut out cookies to get baked and when my oven keeps starting on fire due to the fact that I never bothered to clean up the caramel that spilled from the monkey bread that I made 2 weeks ago just the day before it puts me behind schedule.
So, as soon as I get this all cleaned up, I'll be back.
Or at least I'll be thinking about you.
Doesn't that make you feel better?


Bina said...

LOL...you funny! But at least I know I am in your thoughts...it somewhat soothes me...in an odd kind of way. :) Clean that, wouldya???

Lisa said...

I seem to remember a time there was another fire involving your stove and popcorn cake. I think I will get you an easy bake oven for Christmas just to be on the safe side!

Anonymous said...

LOL - how funny! I've had that happen a time or two, but not with caramel! You need to try my Majeska recipe - it's stove top! LOL

I always secretly hope Santa brings me a fire extinguisher! Maybe you ought to ask for one:)

Merry Christmas!

alicia said...

Bina- glad I could soothe you, and yes, it is cleaned now!

Lisa- You made me LOL for real! I will probably do something to screw up that Easy Bake lightbulb as well!

Blue Cotton- Welcome! I actually do have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen- my husband thought I needed it for some reason! (baking soda works great too)

Marissa said...

OH NO...hope that was all cleaned up and cookies are happily baking in the oven yet again?? GOOD LUCK!!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

LOL... too funny! Makes me think I should clean my oven so I don't have to test out baking soda! :)