Monday, December 13, 2010


Plans were made weeks ago. I knew just how the next few weeks should go.
This weekend? Hockey, program practice, Maicy sing in the morning with girls, Christmas program Sunday night.
Those plans came crashing down. Hmm... skip hockey. Maybe program practice.    

 More phone calls. Whole day cancelled. Well adjust. Its winter in Iowa, that's what we do.
As long as my Christmas week plans don't get affected... its my unspoken request.
Sometimes God needs to just stop us.
Stop the plans from controlling our time. Stop the planning from taking away from Him.
Now I'm stuck.  My plans did change. I admit, I was not happy for awhile. I'm still a little disappointed.

 But God showed us who's in control this week.
Cars get stuck.
Football fields deemed unplayable. Games rescheduled and moved.
Christmas programs rescheduled.
Christmas plans rearranged.
God is in control. And in an instant, He can change our plans.
Then again, my plans had more to do with me and less with Him.
Thanks for changing my plans, God. I'll be there.  Whereever you want me. Whatever day you want me there. That's where I'll be. Just promise You'll be there too.


Jen said...

Funny, my day is going a bit the same (in theory -- there is no snow in Texas). It's time to spend more of the day with Him and less chasing after my own agenda.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

We sure got socked, didn't we, Alicia?

Husband was away, serving at a prison in central Iowa. My oldest daughter was unable to come home from a sleepver. So it was just me and my Anna. We had *THE* best time being "stuck" at home.

I hope your weekend went well after all.

Karen said...

Wow, awesome pictures! Yes, things always seem to change, except God. Stay warm!

Graceful said...

A part of me loves a good snowstorm that forces me to slow down and stay inside. It's kind of sad that it takes all that to stop me in my tracks. Love your thoughts here, Alicia.

Jensamom23 said...

I adore the way God shows us that He is in control, slows us down and helps us put things in the proper perspective. Stay warm and dry, Alicia.

Gabby said...

I guess I am gonna can my post about how freezing it is here in the South, 14 degrees windy, and dry seems like a blessing compared to those pictures! My goodness!

Bless you!

I am so glad you can see God in the cancelled plans! He is there, and being stuck can be hard- either way physically or spirituallY!

Duane Scott said...

YES! Seriously... I love these days.

I know they make things messy and chaotic, but Iowa snow days are moments when God reminds us,

"Be still... and know that I am God."

Rachel said...

That's awesome!

...coming from someone that gets to experience actual blizzards once in a lifetime.

Aaah, 1994 was a good year.