Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because I am more stubborn than he is...

For all you "Everybody Loves Raymond" fans out there, I think you'll appreciate this post.

Remember the suitcase episode? You know, the suitcase that stayed on the steps for days, weeks, months, that neither of them wanted to put away because they felt it should have been the other person's job? And finally Ray put stinky cheese in it so that Debra would be forced to put it away? Yeah, I knew you were with me.

Well, we have a box. It came home with Steve from his apartment that he had while he worked out of state. Therefore, it has Steve's things in it. For an apartment. Not our home. He managed to put most of his leftover stuff away, and I did the kitchen stuff. But this box has sat on his bathroom counter since December- early December.

See this, I took a picture of it yesterday. Yesterday for those who are datestamp challenged, was January 26. This box has sat here for approximately 6 weeks. And you would think that by now HE would have realized that I am having nothing to do with HIS stuff that I don't want and his stinking box. In fact, I have told him so right after he asked when I was going to put it away. I told him quite simply, its not my stuff, I don't want it or need it, so YOU can take care of it. Thankyouverymuch!

This is originally where my post was going to say "lets see who brings out the cheese first!" and leave at that and see what happens. But, things don't go as planned 'round these parts, and just 1 hour before I was to sit at my computer and hammer out this post, the phone rang and we were asked to show the house.

Heh! Not a problem. I went about my day cleaning (thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as the last time we showed it!) and I cleaned the bathroom til it sparkled. And yes, I moved the box- to wipe the counter and politely put it back.

So my dear husband whom I love with all my heart came home in the evening and finished helping get the house in order. And as he came out of the bathroom shaking his head with a big paper box in his hands, muttering something about "I can't believe she left the box, good grief clean the whole house and leave a box sit there... blah...blah...blah" I was sure to grin uncontrollably with satisfaction appear sympathetic as he went past.

And that is the story of my box. I win. Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Victory baby! Tastes oh so sweet. :O)

Bina said...

I totally snorted coke out my nostril over this!! I am SO glad that you won...and that my husband and I are not the only stubborn-as-a-mule couple in the world!!

Our "box" is a broken electric window in the van. Why is it broken? On the freeway, we had a he rolled the window down on me, going 90 mph, knowing how much I hate that...I tried to roll it up...he held his button down, I held mine up...for an hour. Now...window no workie. *sigh*

Is a tough job, holding out...glad you got the win! hee hee

cowgirljanie said...

That was great! I love reading your blog.


alicia said...

Diane- Oh let me begin by saying... the victory was mine from the beginning - there was NO chance I was losing this one! :)

Bina, you made me laugh too! The fact that I have indeed been in that same spot, makes it all the more funny!(our window did not break though- that is determination my friend! Kudos to you!)

Janie, thanks for stopping and commenting!!! How sweet when my friends let me know they are here!

Janean said...

we had a "box" (though not literally) YEARS ago. he discovered it 6 a.m. one morning in the took care of it after that. never had another "incident" like it after either. *trying to wipe the sinfully smug look off my face*

Gabby said...

One time I left a stack of laundry on "his" side of the dresser while I FLEW OUT OF TOWN FOR THREE DAYS.

When I came home, you guessed it, it was sitting there right where I had left it (minus a couple of pairs of undershirts and boxers-THANKFULLY).

I eventually gave in, you are my hero. You won for all wife-kind.

Kim said...

ok I am sorry but this is over the top funny and exactly what I'd do... I always thought it was my Irish Red Headed stubbornness... now I see I'm not alone...

Score 1 for the ladies!