Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog days of summer

This summer life has brought us to an acreage in the middle of nowhere. Well close to that anyways.
We left our cul-de-sac full of friends for a life far from civilization. Or at least 7 miles from the nearest town, and lets face it, it may as well be further.

We now have 5 acres of land that we call home. Coming from our small lot- thats a good amount. Naturally our kids thought this would be the perfect time to get a dog that would romp through the grass with them. Playing fetch and chasing butterflies- or flies.
But my dear hubby, whom I love with all my heart, is anti-dog. He never owned a dog or any other pet growing up and I believe that this has damaged him fully in being able to love a furry creature.
Somethime during our married life I did just ignore him and get a dog. It was the dumbest dog ever. And we didn't have time to train her or take proper care of her. Then I became pregnant and very, very sick. Very. I couldn't take care of me, much less the dog. And then I was in the hospital for a short stint and the dog went crazy making the neighbors less than friendly. Bye- bye puppy.

So, my one chance and I seemed to have blown it.
All this to say, are you, my readers, dog owners?

Do you love your furballs more than your ungrateful children?
Are dogs right up there with rats in your opinion?
Do you prefer cats to dogs? Cuz if so, I do have one you  may husband told me if our cat (which we didn't get, it came to us, we didn't ask for her, I didn't want her, I am allergic to it.) would accidentally get into the pesticide which bathes our house to attempt to kill the millipedes, he would consider replacing it with a dog to mend his princess's broken heart. He shouldn't mention that to a past life cat murderer. I'm just saying. NO, I am not going to kill my daughter's kitty so please don't call DHS or PETA or anything like that... I'm just stating facts is all.  Perhaps I should find a millipede eating dog... then he'd be sold?

What breed of dog do you recommend for those who have one?
Small lap dog, or big brave dog?

Here is Miss Maicy with her late buddy, Lucky. This was my aunt and uncle's dog and Maicy loved this lucky puppy to bits. Now tell me... how can you say no to this face?!

(Lucky died a few weeks ago and this little girl cried harder and longer than I've seen her cry for a long time. My husband of course felt this was a good reason to skip the dog ownership)

Okay, lay your opinions on me!


Marissa said...

Ok, we are TOTALLY dog people! We have a yellow lab and she's PERFECT with our boys! My three year old tries to ride her, YES-RIDE HER! and she just wiggles him off. Dixie, our lab is totally kid-friendly and when I think about it, the only time she EVER growls is when another dog tries to take her toy! Ha! GOOD LUCK!!

Zushi's Travel Guide to Life said...

i know how it feels to lose a dog, as i've lost one before. from then on I didn't own any more of them... :D

Studio JRU said...

Love dogs. Never was much of a dog person until I met my husband... who had lots of dogs all his life. So... I gave in and we got a big beautiful gray weimaraner. I did not know how much a person could actually love a dog. He is the most loving, gentle, yet protective dog ever. And he is great with kids! :) Can't wait to see if you make a 4 legged addition to the family!


Gabby said...

We have a dog. Cooper is like family. Correction he is family.

He can be a pain, and it took a lot of work to get him properly trained, but he only had two accidents total in the house since we brought him home. We also have a little dachshund, but she is very old and cranky.
Cooper is 42 pounds of love. Our kids wrestle him, use him as a pillow when they watch TV, and all around love him to death.

There is something about a dog and a boy!

Karen said...

Dog lover, here. They are a bit of work, to have one well mannered and nice. But they do teach kids responsibility, and love for creatures. In turn, they give unconditioned love, don't talk back and think you're always right. Or else they are so smart they make us think that. :P

For a large area, I'd say a big dog. Can handle himself better and "usually" they are better with kids. So that's my take.

Anonymous said...

Not a dog lover. Sorry. I have four time or energy or money left for a dog. Of course, my kids want a dog. They have even tried to talk me into getting a seeing eye dog for Josie...but nope, I am not giving in.

Shelly N.

DORCAS said...

OK. We have Dacshund and she's super sweet with the kids but I got her trained already-well sorta- then I got another dacshund and had to get rid of her she was too hyper. But Maggie is Super. She lays around and thinks that she can go chase a deer outside as if she's the Boss of this place. She cute!



*can't wait to see if you do get a doggie