Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Glimpse..

Everyday I see these nasty weeds growing.
Everyday I shake my head disgusted by them.
I know its going to hurt to pull them out, but I have to get rid of them before they choke out the other plants.

But sometimes I let them go too far. And then I see this.

Those nasty weeds blossom into am amazing bloom.

Today I'm looking around at the ordinary and seeing the sacred in God's creation.
Taking time to stop and see what He has done.
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Marissa said...

beautiful post and pictures. I need to read things like this every morning, so that I will not take things for granted each and every day...thanks for sharing :)

SM said...

Wonderful pictures with a great message! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

That is such a beautiful glimpse! It is way to easy to dislike all those darn yucky weeds... but some of them sure are beautiful! :)

I am so happy you joined in this month, I appreciate you! :)


Diane said...

Beautiful! Miss you and hugs. :O)

Karen said...

Alicia, so glad you showed the thistle. God even blesses the prickly things! :)

Sara said...

Beautiful post & such a gentle and much needed reminder....

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

How cool, Alicia! Beauty, even in the weeds.

Rachel said...

Very beautiful. Great thoughts!!

Cherie Hill said...

I find it "just like God" to make the weed...beautiful in a way...I've been asking God to remove a "weed" in my life for some time now...and He recently spoke Matthew 13:29 into my Spirit. Sometimes it's necessary to let the weeds grow because by pulling them up you could pull up a "harvest" too soon. God is continuing to speak to my heart about this...GREAT post...God makes even the "unlovely"..."lovely" for His purposes.
Love to you!

Kim said...

I posted a picture or two of a magnolia pod on my blog... first I find them rather interesting... but I do find it odd that something rather ugly and strange looking becomes a beautiful magnolia flower... kinda like a caterpillar into a butterfly.... or... a weed into a pretty flower... I guess we just never know what is INSIDE... :o)