Thursday, July 8, 2010

Worst Recipe EVER... but I'm gonna share anyway

...only because I have so many pictures of my kids helping me make this catastrophe.

We were making Cherry jam.
I was so excited to make this as we  have a sour cherry tree on our acreage.

Having only ever made Rhubarb jam, I was quite inexperienced with the whole cherry thing, but ready to give it a try.
You have to start by pitting your cherries. Did you know they make a cherry pitter?! I didn't, but now I own one!
I have the oxo brand cherry pitter from since that's what was most recommended.
Here is Jackson working hard to make this mess work. With his sister hovering over him of couse telling him just how to do it. Girls. We're all the same.

I had a batch of frozen cherries, and fresh off the tree ones. I recommend not freezing them first! The pit comes out much cleaner on fresh ones. We froze them because I was waiting for my cherry pitter to arrive.
One other downside to freezing first is the mess they make when they thaw.

Case in point: This was before I started. I had the brilliant idea to set them in my colander. With nothing more than a towel underneath
And then I had to move the colander to the sink. This is my floor.
But, I am nothing if not stubborn. So, we press on. Oh yes we do.
On with the cherry pitting!
(normally I would recommend putting away the 5 gallons of bugspray and such sitting on your counter so that no one suspects that is what's making the jam taste so bad)

See the cherry? You squeeze that and then the pit pops out the bottom. In theory of course.
On a side note-(is there anything in this post that isn't a sidenote?!)- if you are going to pit 2lbs of cherries I highly recomment finding 2 gullible children to help. If you don't have your own, go to the nearest park or family member and borrow some. They will save your sanity. (as always, check with parents before removing children from parks)

Okay, after you have your cherries pitted you'll want to chop them up well.
I also added some mullberries to mine because I had them and the kids wanted to go pick them. I figured it couldn't hurt.

Because in the past I have only done freezer jam instead of canning it, I decided to get the pectin for freezer jam. This may have been where my biggest mistake was made.
I ended up using the recipe on the back because I wanted it to properly set up.
I knew it was strange for 2 reasons.
1) you didn't cook it. (yes I see that it says that plain as day on the front, but the only freezer ones said no cook)
2) it only called for 1 1/2 cups of sugar

The end result? Nasty. Worst jam ever.
Oh sure, it looks beautiful, but blech.

Knowing that the amount of sugar was shockingly low- if you've ever made jam or jelly you know that 1 1/2 cups of sugar is nothing.
So, after taking some time away from the jam, I came back the next week and threw it all into a pot on the stove and added about 4 more cups. Now that's jam the way grama meant for it to be.
Goes to show you that you should go with your first instingt, but lesson learned. ;)
So, enjoy?
Or don't.
Just be warned when your jam doesn't call for enough sugar to make your teeth hurt.


Sara said...

Thanks for sharing with us the worst recipe ever......I think :)
Fun post, sweet friend!!

Diane said...

I made grape jam and grape pies two year ago. I literally broke my back standing and squeezing seeds out of the grapes for two hours. Pathetic, I know. Everyone loved the results though. I think this fall is grape time again. I'd better start building up some back strength now.... :O)

Marissa said...

guess I'll never attempt making my own jam/jelly, but when it comes out right, it's SO delicious, right? It looks like the kiddos had fun in the "creating" process?! In the pictures, it looks SO GOOD!

Karen said...

Bwuaaahaaa, that is so funny. But looks like you made it good. Love the pics of your cute kids. Hey, I make that much mess when I use bottled marchiano cherries. :P

Gabby said...

That may be the messiest recipe ever... Good try though! Great effort, and way to go on getting the kids involved. I love fresh cherries, BUT I grew up on a farm where we canned stuff in the summer. HOT, and NO THANK YOU! I got it out of my system!

DORCAS said...

OH! Alicia! I haven't been going around to visit. I so missed visiting you. You have given me a GOOD morning laugh! So sorry it didn't turn out first time around. Thank you know for the inspiration. I have picked wild raspberry and black berries but didn't know where to start it making them into jam. I might just do this project next week.

Thanks again! I hope you are having a marvelous weekend!!!