Monday, July 19, 2010

Giant Marshmallow Fun!

Giant Marshmallows. Some love 'em. Some hate 'em.
If you've got the patience to waith 10 minutes for one to cook, I recommend them. For the kids of course!

Here is Jackson with his s'more. With one marshmallow. Yup, just one.

A little bit messy, Maicy?!

Why wouldn't you want your kids to have this much fun?!
Hope y'all are having a great summer!
We sure are, so I apologize for the lack of posts, but we're busy enjoying our time together!
Happy snacking!


Jensamom23 said...

My kids have been requesting these for S'Mores all summer...Look yummy...and messy.

Marissa said...

s'mores are totally messy(love those pics) AND delicious! Looks like they are enjoying them A LOT! I just saw a recipe for s'mores brownies in my magazine and they looks TO.DIE.FOR good and now this post...haha, I better go make some s'mores :)

lovekinders said...

The best is the campfire, but if you are desperate, it is entertaining for them to "blow up" their marsh on a graham in the microwave, add your Hershey and there you have it.

Studio JRU said...

Love it! The messier the better! lol :)


Rachel said...

Is there chocolate in that smore, too??? Because I can't imagine a smore without a melted Hershey bar...