Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get in on the best

Once in awhile, I get it. Sometimes after having something repeated over and over and over I finally catch on when God is talking. When He wants me to hear something and to have it stick. Not always, mind you, I can be a little dense. But those moments when I do make up for all of those missed times.

If you've hung around here at all, you probably know that I am horrible at memorizing scripture and retaining passages with content. So when I hear a message on a topic and it sticks, I take note.

Psalm 37 is quickly becoming my theme passage. I am clinging to it daily. Daily.                                                                                               

When God calls us act, we jump in. We express our worries over being adequate, we pray for assurance and security, but we still act. But every once in awhile we are called to do NOTHING. This causes panic and confusion. What do you mean I can't do anything?! I have to WAIT?!  It is so hard for us to sit back and say "Okay, God, I will sit back here while you take care of things your own way."
Why is it easier to trust in Him when He calls us to action then when He calls us to no action?

We like to be busy, we like to mark off our neat little check list. One more job done. Pat ourselves on the back.

And if I can't act... at least let me worry about it.

But Psalm 37 is bringing me some much needed new perspective. Trust in the Lord... Do good... Do not still...wait patiently...refrain from anger...

Those words have changed my daily walk, and yes, I stumble, but I can dust off quicker and remember who's got my back. I decided to take a look at some other translations to get more perspective. I absolutely love what the Message says in verses 3 and 4:

Get insurance with God and do a good deed,
settle down and stick to your last.
Keep company with God,
get in on the best.

How can it get better than that? Get in on the best. Amen.

*picture above from my kitchen wall... I realize its a different passage, just goes to show, sometime He's trying to tell me something...*


Diane said...

Waiting is definitely harder than doing! :O)

Amy Sullivan said...

"Trusting God when he calls us to no action"...what a great line.

Why DO we feel as if we always have to be doing, doing, and doing more?

There is no way we can hear what God is telling us if we are too busy spinning about. This is something I struggle with daily.

Karen said...

Great passage, Alicia. Do not fret is very applicable me. Sometimes I think I "like" to worry. Yuk. Thanks for the reminder.

alicia said...

Amen, Diane!
Amy- there is no way to hear while we're spinning- I love that. So true!
Karen- "like to worry" harsh reality there. I definitely feel where you are coming from there!

Rachel said...

Psalm 37 is my absolute favorite passage!! It speaks to every situation that comes around, and is always the exact words of exhortation AND encouragement that I need.