Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simply Amazed

I am so amazed by the things that God can do. Yes, I knew He could create an entire world in 6 days. Yes, I knew He has power over death. Yes, I knew He could take down huge armies with small incompetent groups.  Yes, I know He has the power to move mountains.

But when you see that greatness in your own seemingly insignificant life? Simply amazing.
The beautiful pines in Angeles National Forest.

I boarded the plane last week still not fully aware of the odd place I was putting myself in.
Then, 5 minutes before landing, I looked at the lady next to me, who I'd learned would be returning to Omaha on the same flight as me, and said, "Here's the deal... and gave her the dish... yes, I was meeting a "stranger".  "So, you want me to call the FBI if you're not here? Got it."

I walked off the escalator, saw Bina and in that moment realized, we were not strangers. That was my friend. Waiting for me by the baggage claim.

Hey, remember when I thought you were going to be a serial killer?

That was my friend grinning from ear to ear, arms open and ready for a hug- not a (((hug))).

That was also my friend's pastor standing next to her.... they claim it wasn't because of lack of faith in me.;) I say that was a God thing. He sent a servant at that time to send a little reassurance to both of His daughters. This was His plan, and His guiding hand was on it, starting last August.

After an evening of many laughs, tear wiping- from the laughter, and belly aches- from the laughter, it was time to meet her family. More "strangers".

One by one her children greeted me with a hug- how sweet are these kids?! I think to myself.And then I see the 13 year old. Coming from the kitchen, butcher knife in hand. . .

. . . And I knew... these were my people. We howled with laughter as she says "oh, no. We won't hurt you..."  Simply amazed. She took the mostly unspoken fear, and brought laughter. Tension melted away.

As I met her friends one by one- preparing for a retreat on a mountainside- I was simply amazed.
The dearest women in the world, and maybe a little goofy too.

To be loved by one, is to be loved by all. These women shared their lives, their hearts, their faith, most important, they shared their love.

I left for California to meet one stranger.
I left California with an extended family of 7 and 6 fabulous friends whom I have been able to laugh, cry, and pray with. These friends and family radiate the joy and love of Christ. To say that He wasn't there would be impossible.

I'm Simply Amazed.

To my dear sweet Sister Bina. Words cannot express the joy that came with meeting you Face to Face. The fears gone. The insecurity wiped away. To pray, to laugh, to hold, to cry, to sing. (some of us more off key than others *ahem*). This past weekend was a gift so much greater than I could have ever imagined. I now miss you- and those looks- and I look forward to another day we see each other face to face.
God has brought us together through this crazy internet life. And I thank Him for you. I love you.

God is Good!!!


Sara said...

This post made me cry, Alicia. and the only word I can think of to say is "yay." Really. I'm so happy your time was so blessed!

Jensamom23 said...

What a blessing!

Gena said...

Having met some of my best friends online, I can totally relate. I am part of an online group of moms that all have children a couple months apart (we were all due in the same week) one came really early and he just had his 2nd birthday and I think the last one will be 2 the middle of Jan. It is great to find your "sister" out there and people who you have so much in common with.
Glad to hear you had such a great experience.

Deborah Ann said...

Cool! I met a blogger too. It's so great how God is making all these connections from soul-sister to soul-sister. I'm so happy for you!

Cherie Hill said...

How AWESOME! By the way, I LOVE Bina's pad! That is SO awesome that you got to meet such a wonderful sister in Christ!!! Every good and perfect thing comes from God . . . those moments, those times, were blessings pouring down from heaven!
Love to you sister!

Linda said...

Just awesome!! Such a blessing and I loved your post! It is always a sweet blessing to meet another sister in Christ.The Lord works in amazing ways!!
Glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

Jeanette Levellie said...

This is what Heven will be like. I just know it.

Love you

Karen said...

Alicia, what a blessing! Could feel your heart in this post! And I love Jeanette's comment, too. Thanks for sharing this uplifting event.

alicia said...

Y'all are just too sweet! I love the closeness of community that comes from something so vast as the internet. All these lives, vested in one another. Amazing!

steph said...

Hey lady! Just wanted to say, you gave me the chills reading your blog. Made me feel special knowing you left here so welcomed and that you considered me your friend and not the one who belongs in the looney bin. haha! Hopefully, one day again, we will have just as much crazy fun. Oh, do you guys have Chili's restaurant in Iowa? Probably not huh? hehehe!!!

Bina said...

Oh my sweet Alicia, how I wish you were here to pass the Kleenex box cuz I am racoon-eyed now :)

God is the Great Provider, and in you I have found a sister, confidant and friend...and all that was before I even 'met' you. Now that I know you...I am forever grateful to the One who makes my cup runneth over. (As for the one holding the don't fall far from the tree...hee hee hee)

Gotta go...labor pains kicking in
Love you!

Deidra said...

It is a blessing to meet a blogging friend face to face. I really don't know if there are words to describe it. So glad you got to experience it.

Last month, the entire team of High Calling Bloggers met for the first time ever. I look back on those days and it seems as if I was dreaming. But then I read the posts and look at the photos and remember all of the fun times and I just have to rejoice at the way God uses the internet to show us just how good He is.