Wednesday, May 25, 2011

De Klompen and the Tulips

Last week it was the wonderous time of year again where the entire town seems to shut down and we all swap our Nikes for wooden clogs and long dresses. Except for the boys- they switch to short pants. Knickers.
We eat too much, we laugh, we get grumpy and impatient and snap at each other  tired and worn down but still treat each other with love and kindess.

"smile or you won't get to eat a funnel cake! "

This week I am worn out and the crazy hasn't quit yet, so this will most likely be the only blogging I do.
In the mean time, just enjoy some pics of our crazy Dutch traditions and please, head on over to my friend Diane Estrella who is using my poor boy's picture of misery as a MicroFiction muse. I can't wait to see what creativity she comes up with :)

Hockey teams in the parade!

My girl is the tall one... of course :)

Blowing off some steam at the carnival..

Benefits of a cold spring- perfect Tulips everywhere!

Jackson is having SO much fun!

Attempting to dodge a kiss from Aunties...

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Pat said...

The Tulip Festival looks like great fun! My husband is of 100% Dutch ancestry--three of his four grandparents emigrated from the Netherlands and the fourth grandparent's parents came from there. His grandparents came to California in the 1920s from Iowa and Michigan, so Jerry (my husband) is a native Californian. Our last name is VanderBeek.

Your children are adorable!