Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pleastly Disturbed

I don't know if y'all have had the distinct pleasure of "meeting" Duane Scott, but if you haven't, you should.
The guy is too wise for his years and also a bit off the wall at times, which fits right into my kind of read. Every so often, as the spirit moves him- which really, is the only way to go when talking about being disturbed- you can't try to schedule that, he hosts a Pleasantly Disturbed Linky Carnival. This is that day. And after many times of laughing and nodding, I am FINALLY joining in.

I realize that this should have happened long ago as I am so obviously disturbed to those who really know me, but it seems I never was at the right time. Thankfully however, I spent approximately 6 hours or more in the car with 3 kids this week and they filled me up with more than enough material. Which is also followed by a sad part. I can only remember ONE thing from the entire weekend that I wanted to tell y'all! And the fact that after 3 days, THIS is what sticks with me probably says a lot about me and my mental capacity.

Yup, she's ALL mine! :)

So, we are driving along the familiar highway to Nebraska, munching on McD's drive thru as usual. I was busy dodging orange cones and crazy drivers- I was NOT the crazy driver eating and getting 3 kids fed, I promise. And from the backseat my dear 8 year old pipes up "look mom, this chicken lost his nuggets!"
I'm sorry, what?

She had eaten all the breading off her chicken nugget and held up a less than appealing looking wad of chicken chunk. Evidently the nuggets are the outside.
And I may never eat a chicken nugget again. Or I might just ask if he has his nuggets first...

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