Monday, August 24, 2009

Any excuse for dessert!

Really, lets just combine everything into one glorious week shall we? I really don't care that I turned 30 yesterday... for the most part. I know I'm old, its okay with me, I am so happy with where we are in our life, I don't want to be 20-something again! But makes me so sad (and proud) is that my babies are in 3rd grade and 1st grade this year! That means full time for both of them right off the bat! Yikes! I didn't even get to bring them to school. Every year we start out at a church near the school and the kids walk with their classes to school. But, Kindergarteners still get their parents to take them. But, nope, not 1st graders! (Here is where I choose to forget that last year already Maicy asked me to stay in the car for her 1st day of kindergarten because she wanted to do it alone-- which of course I ignored her and walked in anyway and tried to get her to at least give me a hug goodbye!) So, there they are. Another year of school. I know its good, and they are excited and I am grateful for the wonderful schools in our community. Lets just show some pics to sum today and yesterday shall we?
My kids made me this yummy chocolate chocolate cake... with a little help from some neighbors! (keep in mind I just woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap)
My good friend Lisa met me in Sioux Falls that weekend, and we had a great lunch followed by this awesome dessert! (the best part is they don't sing, the waitress just overheard us say 'birthday' and stuck a candle in it) It was Bananas Bread Foster...mmmm........give me a moment to remember....mmmm....okay, I'm back. Whoops, uploaded the photo where Jackson's eyes are closed! But, I don't have time to redo it, so it'll be okay. Look at those stick on Maicy! She is gonna be a giant!
Me and Maicy
Me and Jackson
All in all, its been a great start to the week! God is good!


Bina said...

You and your babies are just gorgeous! Isn't God great that He uses the simple, delicious and the adorable to remind us of His love!! And you aren't old!!
Hugs from a 32 year old follower! :)

alicia said...

Thanks so much, Bina! You're too sweet!

Bina said...

...if anyone asks, I did NOT pay you to say that!!!

hee hee