Monday, August 10, 2009

Lessons Learned

So far on this journey I have experienced many lessons learned. I thought I would take a moment to share them with you.

  • First and foremost - God is good, all the time. He has never let us down. We have been on ups and downs and sideways trips here, and He has remained constant. He is good.
  • God will use us and our desires to mold and shape us, and maybe to change our desires, or to be open to His desires instead of our own.
  • God knows what is best, His timing, everything. I have been so impatient and so wanting to get on with the whole foster/adopt thing that I admittedly did not want to wait for His perfect timing. I am not saying He didn't want us to accept this case, I am just saying that it is clear that this was not His timing for us, and anyone with a clear mind can see that! How could I raise extra kids with my husband gone all the time, when honestly, some days I struggle with the 2 I have already and he is gone. We will wait, and I will be more careful in hearing His will for us
  • I have the best friends in the whole world! Never did I imagine the overwhelming outpouring of love, support, encouragement, that we have received. Taking time to email, or comment, or call, or just stop over, meals, baths, everything, hugs in public when you know it may cause me to cry in your presence, just offering words of support or asking questions when we do bump into each other. Trust me, each one of these things are so significant to me and I can't begin to express my gratitude to each of you!
  • I have more friends then I knew. Everyone who takes the time to read these rambling messes that I try to write out, I consider you a friend. Just taking the time to care and check in and to pray for us. That is so appreciated. Some of you I don't even know, yet here you are. Thank you.
  • My kids are awesome! They have been super helpers and great communicators through all of this. Despite Maicy wondering why on earth "little T' hates her and has to bite her so much, she still tries to love her to pieces. Jackson is great at telling me when I am relying on him too much to be a helper, yet he is willing to step in when I really need it. He lets all 3 girls doggy-pile him on the living room floor and giggles his crazy head off. Maicy loves to help with baths and as long as she doesn't get bitten, is quite good at most of it. She always greets the girls with a smile and a smile in her voice and truly shows the love of Christ in her actions. I love to see that. She is a good role model for me some days. Her face sparkles.
  • A gallon of milk only lasts a day-- if we're lucky. Really nothing sentimental there, just stating a fact. I have run out of milk more times in the past 2 weeks then I have ever before! Its what I learned.
  • Church is a great place when you have 4 kids, drop them off at nursery and wha-la! Peace and relaxation for an hour! Okay, so we only brought 1 to the nursery, but wow, what peace. Great services this Sunday also. Just what I needed.
  • I know that I am able to foster a child(one at a time please), love them, nurture them, and actually want for them to return to their own mother if that is what's best for them. Never did I think we would be able to, but now I do. I want the families to succeed.
  • It is harder to admit that you can't do something than to continue feeling like you're drowning. But so worth it if you can. Look at all the great lessons that have come from me doing just that.

So for now, the girls are still here, I think by Wednesday they will move on. Continue to pray for that transition. I will keep you updated. Thanks again for just being there.



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention you could go days without bread :)
God does have a plan for you and your family. I am SO glad that you could come away from this with great lessons learned about yourself and your family!
Love ya lots!

Bina said...

I don't know you...found your blog via Nicole Baart's, but love the way you think! I have five kids of my own...and enjoyed reading your take on things! Thanks for have my prayers.
California Hugs...