Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving Day

Well today was the day we said good-bye to the girls. The kids all did well, Jackson my tenderhearted sweetie, did cry a bit this morning, but after lots of hugs and kisses, let them go. I brought the girls to their new home, which may be quite unconventional, but then again, everything with this case has been, and I am grateful for that opportunity. I saw that they were happy to play with new toys, they have a puppy which HELLO! I didn't matter after they saw that! I feel very, very good about this decision. I don't feel sad which while the devil is trying to make me think that is bad, I know that my Heavenly Father has provided me peace. Peace in knowing that this was the right decision. This wasn't the easy way out. This was the only way for us. Period. I don't know what lies ahead for us, but I do know that whatever it is, we will be ready. Even if its nothing. It's all okay. I have an undescribable peace with the unknown right now that could only come from above. He is in control of this and whatever He leads us to He will lead us through. As for us, we have a fun-filled weekend ahead of us that we are so excited for, so I had better get off the computer and get ready! Have a great weekend! Alicia

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