Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Conversations with Maicy
  • Maicy: What are those?
  • Me: Caramel Bits
  • Maicy: Why are there sticks in there?
  • Me: If people want to make caramel apples then they have the sticks already
  • Maicy: Well I want to
  • Me: Want to what?
  • Maicy: Make caramel apples
  • Me: No we are using the caramel for bars
  • Maicy: but what about the sticks
  • Me: We don't need those
  • Maicy:But what are they for?
  • Me: People who want to make caramel apples
  • Maicy:But I want to
  • Me: We aren't
  • Maicy:But you said if anyone wants to and I want to
  • Me: Not today
  • Maicy: When?
  • Enter Jackson: Maybe some day in 20 years when mom is like 50 something.
  • Me: Thanks Jackson
  • And I know that while I was frustrated, I picture grandma laughing her butt off because of the sweet paybacks of her child having a child "just like you!"
God is good!

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Bina said...

I am just so very thankful that I am not the only mom who has these conversations with her children!! There are days, let me tell ya! :)