Monday, September 14, 2009

Books, Books, and more Books.

I haven't been feeling that great thanks to a miserable cold. So, my creative juices all seem to be stuck... in my nasal passages if you really wanted to know. Which I understand that you didn't, but well, now you do. So sorry. Anyway, evidently sick days are no excuse for not updating as pointed out by my dear friend Holly. So, here I am, I am going to totally rip off from Bina's Pad, and talk about books. I love to read, and since my husband is gone a lot and my kids go to bed early- I love school- I find myself with plenty of time to read. ( this is only of course after the laundry has all been neatly put away each day, the floors vacuumed and swept, the furniture dusted * ahem* lets not go there) Here are some of my favorite books and authors. One of my favorites include a series that I know the first book didn't get rave reviews, but I enjoyed the whole series all together which is by Neta Jones The Yada Yada Prayer Group I think that the series really grew into a great thing. I loved getting to know the characters and watch them develop. Jane Kirkpatrick is another favorite author. I started with the Kinship and Courage series which begins with All Together in One Place. The one shown is the first in the Dream Catcher series. Her books are historical fiction which completely intrigue me. They depict the growth of America and the effects on the Indians of the land. Different series of hers focus on different portions. I haven't found anything by her that I haven't loved. I like to transported to a different time and to imagine this land before there were freeways and skyscrapers.
And last, but certainly not least, Nicole Baart and The Moment Between. I love this book! For those of you from around here, Nicole is a local writer born and raised here. Fairly new yet to the published world, but definitely making a name for herself. This book is just amazing and I couldn't put it down. There is raw emotion and pictures of grace and atonement. Here is the trailer for the book.
What are your favorite books? What authors do you know you will just eat up their books as soon as they are released? What is your favorite genre of book to read? Just curious what gets everyone else excited when it comes to books!
Happy Monday!

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Bina said...

My favorite authors:
Ted Dekker - he got me into reading Christian fiction to begin with and so I can't help myself but buy & then devour his books.
Travis Thrasher - found his book Ghostwriter by "accident" and couldn't put it down! Now have a few others waiting to be read.

I like historical fiction (will be checking out Kirkpatrick's work, thank YOU) and books about spiritual warefare being played out in real life. I enjoy being made to think, a little scared and a possible tear...and if it can get me to the ending without me figuring out the twist before the author wants us to know...well, it never leaves my personal library.

I LOVED Nicole's book - and have recommended it to few of my friends. I have one of her others on its way to my house via as we speak.

PS - you can rip off Bina's Pad anytime...I hear the author thinks you are pretty awesome!