Monday, September 28, 2009


I have been putting this "project" off for quite some time. And, as usual, the more I put it off, the worse it got. My daughter loves her blankie. I mean love, love, loves her blankie. I know she is 6 years old and a very big 1st grader now, but we can't seem to get rid of this well loved friend of hers. Its just a part of her. It was a gift from Grandma Pearl who is now 91and not so able to continue making blankets. So, its quite irreplaceable to me. See, this is her when it was beautiful and new and you could see the design on it. It was fresh and clean, and yes, already, very much beloved.
Isn't my baby just so precious and sweet?! She was fresh and new there too! I thought I would have a hard time finding a picture with that blanket in it, hah! Not so much, every page I turned in her scrapbook was like "where's waldo" for the blankie. It was usually around, no matter what. Which has caused us to look more like this. This is her other best friend. His name is Lucky. Lucky he hasn't been condemned yet because of all the disease he must be carrying! Wherever blankie is, Lucky is also. Now that Maicy is 6 however, they do both stay in her room on her bed on school mornings, and only come out when she is sick, or really tired, or Saturdays, or when she is cranky... umm. yeah. So they make there appearances often! Here is the result of such love. Do you see that 18 inch scar down the middle? Yup, that's what happens when you are sooo loved. I had to hand sew it, because my sewing machine was eating the fragile fabric around the big giant hole.
These corners have wiped tears, snot and yes, even vomit. Sorry, but its true. This blankie has helped this dear one through many sad days, bad days, and gone along for bike rides on good days.
To bring myself through this dreadfully tedious task of stitching this worn friend, I had to think about the symbolism of this dear one. This blanket proudly bears the scars of carrying its loved one through good times and bad. It comforts and soothes when nothing else will do. It has been beaten and battered and tossed to the ground. It has been forgotten and thrown aside during the easy times. It has always been there to be picked up again, ready to start the loving over.
I can't help but reminded of the scars that Jesus proudly wears. His wounds there because he has helped us through those horrible times, he carried our sins, he brought us through. He has been beaten and battered and too often tossed aside when life is going well. He is there to pick us back up again when we need Him. He is always waiting with love. He joins us on the journey, no matter where it leads.
Maybe its a stretch to relate a torn up tattered blankie with our Savior, but I need visuals, and this is my visual. Like looking through the scrapbook, you can look back on your life and play "where's waldo" and see that Jesus was there on every page. He may have been off to the side when we didn't know it, but he was there. Every time.
We all need mending from time to time, and our Heavenly Father is there, to carefully stitch us back together. He does so with love, allowing the scars to be seen so that we may not forget what brought us there.
God is Good, All the Time...


Bina said...

I still remember my blankie... Was a patchwork quilt from my grandmother and it went EVERYwhere with me. I took it outside and would cry while it had to suffer the torture of the washing machine! I had it until it was just a couple of patches...but it was well loved. I love your analogy with Christ. Beautiful, my friend!

Bina said...
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Bina said...

(Why does it have to tattle that I deleted a post due to my own OCD perfection issues??? *sigh*)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use these special words to create a blog around:
Peace, Jellybeans, Beauty, Weekends, Rain

alicia said...

LOL!! Okay, I got the email after the first one, then got confused when I came here to see that I was missing one. And yet, you wrote the exact same thing in the 2nd one, so I am not sure what you missed the first time, Ms. OCD!
(I had a typo on your blog and I left it, because I want people to know how very comfortable I am with being subpar and far from perfect. *ahem*)

Did you have those 5 words just waiting?! I expected you to take a bit longer than that! (and I am surprised that it was jellybeans instead of skittles)
Okay, I clearly have work to do!

Bina said...

Ok, ok. I wrote Jelly Beans in the first one...and that is TWO words so had to fix it to it was one word. Yes, I am seeking counceling and possible medication for this ailment. *sigh*

God made me do Jellybeans (one word, see???) ... I tried to reason with Him as I found it odd as well, but He insisted. So... there you go! It took me 2 days to do mine as it really made me dig deep!

Have fun and I can't WAIT to see!

steph said...

That is such a good analogy. How cool to be able to relate it like that to a comforting blanket. I had a blankie. It had the baker's men on it with satin around it. Wasn't handmade but it was my blankie. :-)

Oh, and nice changes on your blog.