Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Labor Day weekend- yes I realize it was awhile ago. But anyway, we were gone for the weekend and had a great time with Steve's sister and her family as we do every year on Labor Day weekend. But, come Monday the lack of sleep of our children and the busyness of the weekend caught up with our otherwise angelic an obedient children. Yeah. And normally I am the example of patience not losing it at all when they whine continually for 5 hours and then you give in only to have them whine more about how it still wasn't right and so on. Ahem. Yeah, that's me. So let's just say that by the car ride home we were all a little bit "done" with each other. We really just needed some quiet time and a little space. My kids actually picked up on that at some point and began coloring nicely in the back seat. Then I hear, "Mama?" "Yes, Maicy?" "Mama, how do you spell sorry?" So, trying to not to smile and give away that I have an inkling at what she's up to and choking up at her sweetness, slowly spell it out for her. Then she handed me this: ( She colored the picture on the backside.) Now I beg you, how am I supposed to resist this little one? What kind of defenses can I possibly have against that?

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Bina said...

I have shoe boxes FULL of those kinds of letters and pictures. What an angel you have...and what an example of what our little, humble offerings to God look like when we, as His children, mess up. I am sure that when we go to Him with our "hand drawn pictures", He chokes back a tear or two at our earnestness as He reaches out to take our humble offerings. :)