Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Plain Crabby

Do you ever get just plain crabby? If the answer is 'no' I suggest you don't really answer that in front of me right now. Thank you.

I am in need of some sunshine. I am in need of good news. I am in need of a day off - or two.( yes I realize that the number of days I work outside of the home are technically far less than the days I am at home, but that doesn't seem to be the reality!) I am in need of some motivation!

This dreary long cold winter that keeps us house bound is wearing me down. One would think that with all of these snow days (or ice days as it was today) one would accomplish a lot in the house! But no. I have just been lazy, and subsequently crabby. And of course it worsens when my husband is gone, which he is- again. I know, its a good thing, off to find work. Work is now found- which is great news. But I am still crabby.

Just ask my kids. We are bored with each other. Finally today it was deemed "everyone to their own rooms before mommy goes completly crazy!) Then I felt guilt and told them to come out and paint a picture.  Which was a sunshiney picture- but I am still crabby.

Looks like I am going to be crabby right now, and I promise not to show my face here again until I am un-crabby.

(and in case I wasn't crabby enough, the picture I keep trying to upload is disappearing every time I open the file its in!Okay, I'm done now!)


Anonymous said...

I don't really have any big exciting news to get you uncrabby but I'm thinking about you and wishing I could come this weekend to visit (or maybe not since you're so crabby) Luv ya, Lisa

Bina said...

Ok so get this. My son comes in the room last night and offers me a treat. They are new - white Skittles, he says. He got them at school and they are amazing. So I ate a couple...

...and then he started giggling. And then, from the hall, more giggling erupted which was distincly more female in tone. seems that ANYone can have white Skittles...if you just suck on them long enough to remove the coloring and spit them out.

I quit too.

Anonymous said...

Vitamin D tablets work for me! I always refer to the scene from Vacation where the wife says... with each new day there's new hope. I figure tomorrow will be better and just go to bed early. Praying for you girl! :O)

alicia said...

Lisa- if you come over I promise not to be crabby!! Please!?! I will even whip up a great meal for you!

Bina- Oh. my. word. You were played, and played well! Unbelievable! I was all ready for you to tell me about a bag of just red and purple skittles, but oh. That is just wrong.

Diane-I may try a shot of vitamin D, and thank you for the prayers!
I do know tomorrow will be a better day, mostly cuz its Friday and I've nowhere to go! (but my kids do!:))

Faith Imagined said...

I love this post!!! I hate when I am in a crabby/lazy mood but I can't blame it on cold weather. It was above 80 here today.

But I did come here to tell you good news! I just drew the name for the signed copy of Wayback by Sam Batterman and you WON!!!!

Email me your mailing address when you get a chance.

Gabby said...

It take a real woman to admit it when she is crabby. I usually deny it until my hubby sings a song about how grumpy I am and I recognize that perhaps I am in need of a break!

We don't have great weather here right now, but we have NOTHING like you guys do, so you have every stinking right to feel blue!

I have more than once sent my kids to there rooms (which they deserved), felt bad about it, and ended up playing Pictureurika (spelling? I am too lazy to look it up) or Uno for an hour to redeem myself.

The white skittle thing...yuk. I did used to lick Doritos and put them back in the bag (when I was really little, okay ten) and my brother didn't know and ate one once. He totally deserved it, he used to pick on me relentlessly.

Did that cheer you up? You are not alone!

alicia said...

Alisa- you totally made my day! (could have done without the 80degree comment, but I get it, I would do the same!)

Gabby- You made me laugh out loud this morning, so thank you! I think I may have pulled the Dorito trick too- umm, yeah, brothers totally deserve that!

Kim said...

I think we all get this way... and its like a snowball rolling downhill fast.... I hope the sun has been able to shine a bit in your heart and life...