Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As most of you have heard I am sure, Haiti is experiencing some major devastation right now. My heart just breaks and I end up in tears every time I listen to a news report or see one on TV. Our school has had the amazing opportunity in the past few years to support an organization called Mission Haiti. They have an orphanage and offer up more support and resources to the people of Haiti. Through newsletters, websites and speakers, we have come to "know" some of the children of the orphanage and sponsor one girl there. Her name is Lucie. She has been thriving and the kids love to have updates on how she's doing and seeing new pictures of her beautiful smile! At this point Mission Haiti reports that they haven't received any word from their missionaries, but the villages where some of their children were have been destroyed. Pam Plasier from Sioux Center is scheduled to fly out tomorrow. They don't know if she is able to go at this point. We loaded her car with kits and food just before Christmas for her to bring to Haiti this month. As I told Jackson this morning about what had happened he sweetly looked over and said " I think we need to get more hygiene kits" He wants to help and understands their needs are so much greater than we can imagine. He wanted to know if the stuff made it down there or if it would be able to reach them. God blessed me with this boy's tender heart. I don't know what they need at this point, but I do know that if everyone stops what they are doing right now will pray for the people, the orphanages, the missionaries, and the rescue-aid, God will hear, and He is a God that can do all things, we just need to ask it. We are specifically praying for Lucie in our home, that she is safe and protected, and will find help. Ephesians 3:20 (New International Version) Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us God is good, all the time


Deborah Ann said...

Thanks for the heads up. I find it unbelievable that an earthquake hit a place where this sort of thing never happens! Praying for God's comfort...

Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

...and all the while, my heart praises Him for being the God who knows EXACTLY where Lucie, and so many others like her, are at this very moment...that He can be with each equally and fully.
My prayers go up for this sweet baby...and for all the others like her in the ravaged land of Haiti.

Thanks for this excellent reminder that this isn't just a group of is a large number of individuals who each NEED the prayers and support of the world.

You are beautiful.