Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mad Photography Skills...emphasis on "mad"

Two years ago, my husband and I were awarded a fabulous trip of a lifetime. Hawaii! Our airfare, hotel, much food, paid for. It was with a large group of people that sell this brand of buildings and if you sell enough, you get to go on this fabulous trip.

Knowing my camera was gying and the batteries would no longer hold a charge, we decided to purchase a new one before we left.  Nothing special, just a point and shoot Hp photosmart.  This was the view outside our room:
And this is the two of us at the luau... not such grand picure quality is it? I know, the very kind guy who offered to set aside his 15inch lense, to use our supberb point and shoot couldn't have been more excited abou this!

And then we have our dinner at the Kona Brewing Co. Like our friends?

What's that? You can't really make out any faces? That was my 7th attempt my dear friends! Imagine me not so thrilled with our impulse purchase at this time. And yes, I politely chose the picture in which my husband is cut off (that's his knee and partial arm on the bottom right) because it showed a look of disgust at his wife who is taking so long to get 1 snapshot! (remember that hockey post where Jackson was rolling his eyes at me... wonder where he gets that from!)

And its not at all limited to the glorious trip of a lifetime. Christmas program at church?

This one actually turned out decent, if kept small. Don't try to print it, its as if you are looking through an hourglass with all the grains!

And last but not least, Christmas Eve in front of the fire.
I assure you that the whole living room is not on fire, despite what this picture may show!

So, I am fed up, and now in the market once again for a new camera. I am hoping hoping hoping, to use up our Cablela's points to buy a very nice one. Of course this limits me to what Cabela's carries, but I am going to suggest that those outdoorsman take their picture taking seriously and have some nice camera's out there!

So, I am curious- what kind of camera do you use?
Is it a point and shoot? Does it point and shoot a good picture?
Are you a hard core SLR camera kinda gal? ( I hope to be!)
Does your camera go "click" and you wind the wheel to advance the film?

Camera woes out there? What do you stay away from?


Sara said...

The camera I use for my necklace photos is a beautiful canon-something-or-other that I have borrowed from my amateur photographer uncle..I only know it has a big lens, a battery and a memory card and it takes killer pictures despite my lack of photographic prowess. Sorry I can't really help, but I sure enjoyed your photo woes as your pictures very much resemble ALL of our earlier family photos!

Deborah Ann said...

Whoa, a free trip to Hawaii...I'm jealous!

I went to Europe a few years ago, and I stupidly brought my digital camera without knowing the card was full, and I had to buy a disposable camera! I know just how you feel...ripped off!

Jennifer said...

Ahhh... your pictures of Hawaii make me want to go back!!

I have a Nikon D40... it's my first digital! I held out... loving my good ol' film camera. But I now *love* it and don't know what I was waiting for!! :) It holds lots of pictures too!

Jenny said...

We just bought a new camera not too long ago and we went through the same questions- point and shoot or DSLR. We ended up getting another point and shoot and although I am happy with it, I totally regret not getting an SLR. So if that's an option, I'd say do it!

Gabby said...

I've had a Sony Cybershot 7.2 megap. for a year now. (I had to go get it to tell you that, I am NOT a big camera person) It does good work, you can record short video clips (like my snow sled dog one) and it has pretty decent memory. The price is now almost half of what I paid a year or so ago (Shoot!) but I have been very happy.
My hubby looked at twenty or so different reviews, consumer reports, and talked to lots of peeps about it, and they all recommended it despite the price. We took a zillion Disney pics with it and I loved that you can delete right then and there!
I want to go to Hawaii so badly! Right now!
Let us know what you get!

Anonymous said...

Canon d40! Love it! I know its big, but the pictures turn out sooo nice! And, if you can, get the 70-300mm lens with yours. Questions...let me know!
Tara-aka blog-stalker

Bina said...






...and that's all I have to say...

alicia said...

You have all given me much to think about and hopefully soon I will be a proud new camera owner!