Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Fun?

What do bon fires, spot-a-pots, lakes, sunshine and hot-dog roasts sound like?

Winter games of course!!!

A few weekends ago we stood out in the cold on the ice.

On a lake.


Yes, I realize that lakes generally are outside and that in order to stand on it, it must be ice. And to have ice it must be cold.

And it was. See all the vehicles, those are on the ice too. So you know its been cold because that's a lot of weight on the ice. Yes, this is something I thought about once or twice. Both of those times were when I was inside the spot-a-pot. That is a life altering experience on a normal day. Try it when it shakes as the person nexts to you steps aboard and you are trying to peel back all of the layers you put on that morning, thinking of warmth, not potty breaks. That's when you start to question the depth of the ice and hope and pray with all of your being that this isn't the moment that the ice is suddenly going to be overcome with weight and you are going crashing into the lake in a spot a pot. Wouldn't that be a dreadful end.

In Iowa you have to be tough to survive the winter. Right Jackson? Jackson...
You okay bud?!
Look at this kids breath.

He is happy by the way... I was just trying to get a picture of the steam coming off his hat. He didn't appreciate the timing of my humor. Rarely does he.

 Despite the frozen toes, the numb fingers, dodging drunk snowmobilers, and the spot-a-pot experience, this weekend was great! The memories were priceless. A game was played where nothing but fun mattered- this was evident by the fact that the home team was short players- by approximately a  team, and so half our boys went on their team. And won. It was fun.

Even the sisters of the players had some fun!

Some get pulled on a lake behind a boat, we go behind a parent tied to a rope.

What do you do for winter fun?
Do you have an abundance of warm weather so you go out and play?
Or do you stay couped up inside like the bears until the snow goes away?


Sara said...

I believe that 'the cooped up like a bear' thing best describes me in the winter...I'm guilty of throwing on my baggy sweats in December and wearing them, pouty face and all, never taking them off or leaving the house (almost literally) until March or April....each year I swear I'm going to 'make the most of the winter next year with a good attitude' but winter and I just seem to never make friends.... sounds like you had fantastic fun and you almost motivated me to go find some winter fun of my own. (notice I said ALMOST.....)

Diane said...

I'm freezing just looking at those pictures. You're a brave woman out there in the cold. :O)

Deborah Ann said...

Got sumpin' for you at my blog!

Jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun!! :) I would have to say staying inside until warmer weather comes sounds most like us. Now... if we had a fun toy like a snowmobile... that might be a different story! ;)

Bina said...

...really struggling with how to respond to this one as most of you who have read my stuff know that I am cold when I have no right to be :)

I tend to bundle up and hang back as the fam enjoys the outdoors, whether in snow (YES, I have actually been in some) or in the cold. BUT I am always ready with warm food and hot cocoa when they come back in...makes them jealous to see me eating and drinking while they shiver. *kidding*

You are looks too cold for me! Love you girl!!

Gabby said...

Well, we got six inches of the best powder-y snow I have seen in a long time. It was breathtaking last night as it fell everytwhere so beautifully. We live in the South, so that is rare. Today it is melting slowly, so we got up, ate sausage biscuits, and took off. We played, snowball fought, made a fleet of snow angels, sledded, made a snowman (kinda piddley one)and my son is still out there with a gang of boys playing in it. I took a ton of pictures, and we had a blast. Now I am back inside with a hot cup of coffee about to do a puzzle.
If we had ice on a lake, that would be a blast. The snow potty thing, it trips me out. I would be the first to fall in, I know it!
Love the pics! Musta gotten a camera?

dad said...

thats my girl