Monday, February 8, 2010

The Winner!!!

You all had such great entries! It was a lot of fun to see what others would do with a little mad money. As women I think it is a stretch for most of us to think of spending it on ourselves, yet we definitely know what we dream of.

This activity reminded me of two years ago when my son was in 1st grade and they were asked the same question in school. The answers were posted on the bulletin board outside their classroom and the answers just cracked me up! Jackson said "I would buy a huge mansion and a pool and give the rest to God" Others said, "Give it to God", "build a pool",  "buy a limo", "get a race car", " a John Deere Combine"...on and on.

It was just so fun to see what they would all do with their $100 and how in their little minds it was just as good as 1 million dollars!

Okay, I know you are all here to see who the lucky winner is of a grab bag of 100 items!
The winner is.....

Congratulations, Gena!! You can email me your snail mail address at alicias(dot)journey(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please allow two weeks for it to arrive as we leave for Phoenix tomorrow and I won't get it sent off before that.

Thanks again for all your entries!!!


Bina said...

Congrats to Gena...and travel safely, my friend. Don't forget...we are only a few miles to the West of you!! Should you desire to implant your foot into the sand of SouCal, LET ME KNOW! :)

Diane said...

Fun contest!

Hope you'll visit me for my "Cupid Shot Me" blogfest at :O)

Jennifer said...

I love that they thought it was a good as 1 million dollars... that is so precious!! :)

Gabby said...

Hope you were able to pack it all in! Have a fun trip!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

What fun, Alicia!

And hey - enjoy your trip. I'm just dropping by to say "hello" now that I've returned from sunny Cancun. I was welcomed home by big new piles of snow here on the farm. ;-)