Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week of 100!

***Contest is now closed and winner will be announced on Monday sometime - I have been having computer difficulties so bear with me if its a little longer! Thanks to all who entered!!!!***


I promised ya'll I'd be back with a giveaway and here I am! After posting this morning I had to laugh because it is also the week of 100 at school as the 100th day is Friday - who would have thought that they'd ever get to it with all those snow days?!

So, its 100's week at school, and it (was) my 100th post.

And thank you Holly for commenting on how very cool I am for timing that just right... I know I am, but its nice to hear it from my peeps too! :) haha!

Now, who wants free stuff?!

1.)All you have to do is comment and tell me what you would do right now with an extra 100 bucks.

Would you pay bills, buy a fabulous pair of jeans, buy stuff for the kids, save it? WHAT?!
2.)Want an extra chance to win? Become a follower of my blog- or if you already are, that counts too! You DO have to comment to win however...
3.)Another chance? Blog about it and leave the link in the comments.

Winners will be drawn and announced after the contest closes- no kidding- via my kids pulling your name from a hat. Because that's the fair and honest way to go.

And NO! you aren't getting $100 from me, wouldn't that be nice though?
Are you wondering when I am going to let you in on it?

Okay, I will give you a gift basket of 100 items. Yes, 100 items. I will count them myself and for the most part, will be useful (not 50 toothpicks or something) However 100 Dove Dark chocolate would do wonders for me....

....okay, I'm back!
So! Enter to win!

You have until Saturday at 11:59pm to enter.


Jasey said...

Hmmmm.... I think I would buy new running shoes that the neighbor girl would no doubt think is cute. :)

Gena said...

I want a 100 things and it could be 100 dove chocolates. But with $100 right now I would buy some new jeans for me as i am down to 2 pairs and one of those should really go in the trash also. There are many more to list!!!!

Gena said...

I blogged about it too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well since my husband is currently laid off the $100 would go towards bills and the 100 dove chocolates that would be my stress relief for having all home :) No really it has been good having him home. Brenda

Faith Imagined said...

Dove Dark Chocolate sounds YUMMY!!!!

Jennifer said...

What a fun giveaway... so glad I came across your blog today! :) I think I would buy my husband a fantastic Valentine's gift... he deserves it!

Jennifer said...

I am now following you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd put it in my "update-the-living-room-someday" fund. -Esther

Bina said...

Oh wow. So many options. Do I go for more white Skittles? A fixed window in the van? Nah...books baby! I have a list of books I have put off due to lacking of Bina's Personal Library Fund funds.

I follow you...oh but I do! (Nice shirt, by the by...)


Bina said...

Blogg-ed 'boutcha, I did. Ignore the context in which I did it...just give me my extra chance to win, would ya?!?!


Hee hee hee

Sara said...

100 extra bucks?! I think my best intentions would be to donate it to Haiti relief.....but, what would my greedy, selfish self LIKE to do with it for fun?.......pedicures and time with my mom and 2 sisters. greedy? maybe. fun? definitely.
p.s. i'm already a blog follower!

Angie Vander Stoep said...

Since my sister is a breast cancer survivor I would donate the $100 to breast cancer research to find a cure.

Diane said...

Selfish answer here.... massage and coffee! :O)

Kim said...

Like most peeps... I'd tithe first and then the rest would be used to pay some bill - having been unemployed since Sept and now working but at a LOT less than before.. I owe everyone :o) and perhaps treat myself to a nice cup of coffee or a new book...from the bargain book store of course

Gabby said...

It is SO hard fo me to spend money on just me, but we are in desperate need of some new decor around here. So I would go to a cool little antique store and buy some cool 'finds' to spice up the place!

Thank you for asking!

ikkinlala said...

If I had an extra $100 right now it would go into savings - sure, it would be fun to buy something new, but the extra comfort of having savings would be more worthwhile to me at the moment.