Friday, February 19, 2010

A whole lot of not much, followed by lame excuses

Yes, I am here, I am alive and kicking, and even healthy. We made it back from Phoenix after a wonderful vacation with great weather and fun times. Yes, I realize that pre-posting for the first half of my vacation while not posting the 2nd half, or when we return home defeats the purpose of even bothering to pre-post. But I don't care, its my blog and I'll do what I want to.

I do have excuses too... we got home late Wednesday night- thankfully came home to good interstates despite it being closed the day before we came home. And then, well, life resumes and people need me to do all sorts of things for them. Such as er, um, unpack? Well, I washed half of our dirty stuff.. and the clean stuff is patiently waiting to be well... unpacked. Laundry- yes, I already said I did that, so why was my husband hollering  calling from the bathroom last night at 10:30 (as I was in the middle of Real Housewives mind you!- the nerve of some people) that someone clearly came in and stole all of our towels as there were none in the bathroom? I can't tell ya, I guess I forgot to wash those before we left. No worries, I stormed  happily strolled downstairs and took them from the guest bathroom- those are nicer anyway!

And well then, there was the need for groceries, which for whatever reason prompted me to really clean the fridge out as all my groceries sat out on the counter waiting to be put away. Of course this may have been a ploy for me to avoid unpacking.

And I need to get to my Wii Fit because well, its been awhile again and I just can't wait for the stupid looking scale thing to smart off to me and let me know that it has been 14 days since I last logged in and don't I know that if I really want to attain my goals I should log in once a day and blah, blah, blah. He doesn't even give me the chance to explain! It doesn't care that I was on vacation and forced to walk up hills and run and sweat and hurt muscles I didn't know I had. It doesn't care that my Great aunt Martha was in the hospital- I don't have a Great Aunt Martha, but if I did, that stupid talking scale wouldn't care anyway. And then to top off the humiliation, it grunts when I stand on it. Because I needed that. Stupid Wii Fit.

And - I swear last excuse- I am on my second bloody nose of the morning. Super. Could be altitude change, or it could be all the ibuprofen I consumed due to the afore mentioned walk of death.

And this last thing is not an excuse, its an apology to anyone who saw the super nice comment from the friendly chinese fellow on my last post. You can all thank the Asian with too much free time during the Chinese New Year for me now implementing "comment moderation".

Okay, I am off now... I promise to return next week with actual trip highlights and other useful useless information!


Diane said...

Wow girl, rough times. Love your strike out words in your post. You know that's what you're really thinking like the rest of us would be. Hugs :O)

Sara said...

They don't sound like excuses to me....they are REASONS! Vacation is fun but as the wife & mom there is SOOOOOO much extra work involved that it takes me a couple of weeks (at least) to get everything back to normal!
Glad you had a great break!

Jennifer said...

You are too funny! What a fun post! How rude that mr. Wii doesn't even let you explain... the nerve of some people! ;) Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Faith Imagined said...

This is hilarious! I can't stop laughing!

BTW, this is your blog and please do whatever you want! It is fun to read that way!

Deborah Ann said...

Alicia, I loved reading this post! You are real, funny and sooo cool!

Jack Foster said...

Welcome back Alicia. Very funny stuff. My life seems rather boring now. thanks :o) God bless.