Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebration of Life

I'm baaa-aa-aack! Did ya miss me? Cuz I missed you!

We have had a crazy week of birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, and a funeral. Then on Thursday will be another birthday. God provides balance.

I need to start by sharing a bit about my aunt's memorial service. More and more you hear people call it a "Celebration of Life" service which is awesome. Very positive, and really, for Christians especially, that's what it is. And to give full credit to my aunt who knew her days were numbered, she made sure that it was a celebration of life. Celebrating LIFE in CHRIST. Her main concern was that the salvation message be preached clearly. And it was. What an awesome legacy to leave behind. She lived this life- don't talk about me, lets talk about the basics- are you saved?  She didn't want glory when she was brave- she gave it to God. She didn't want pity on the bad days- God will take care of it. Don't worry- God's got it. That was her life. I pray I can leave a fraction of that spirit to my loved ones when my time comes.

That leads me to today. Now. While I'm here on this earth. Am I celebrating life in Christ every day? It's such an amazing thing, how can I wake up grumbling when the fact is, He is there before me?

My challenge to myself is to celebrate life each day. Celebrate that I am His. Celebrate that my kids pray for Him to go before them. Celebrate the green grass on my lawn that we play catch on. Celebrate that my kids find fun in the mud. Celebrate that over dinner my daughter- our only daughter- informs me that Maisa,Cami,  Maddie and herself are all sisters- sisters in Christ of course, Mama! (yes, this made me tear up a bit when she shared this)

To all my sisters in Christ- and a few brothers out there- celebrate today. All those things that Christ is for us in our life.


Marissa said...

OH SO beautifully said. You have made me smile :)

Karen said...

Alicia, I'm sorry I missed the previous post about your Aunt, but what a full life she had. What a legacy to leave. Yes, celebrate, which I think we do too little of as Christians. Blessings**

Rachel said...

That's a great reminder and focus... I'm so sorry about your Aunt, but it sounds like the total outcome of the week was celebration, and that's wonderful!