Monday, November 29, 2010

Recap and Revived!

It feels like it has been forever since I have been here! It feels like weeks since I've wanted to be here. I know, it sounds terrible, but sometimes you just need a break. It was a great blogging break. Steve was home for almost 2 weeks, just a few one nighters away scattered in there. We loved having him around although on our way to church my first born did look at him and say  "When exactly are you heading back to Nebraska?!" Made me laugh out loud, not my hubby so much. ;) Although I think he was ready to head back for the week also. You would think that with all that time together I would have managed to get our family picture done for Christmas cards, but no. Still not. I don't know why we just can't get it together this year! Oh well, we have time... right?! Maybe we will just photoshop him into a picture.

What did happen this week? Well, we had a much missed family game night- we are used to a few a week and now its been many weeks or months. I still hold the trophy, so I consider it a success.

During the game I decided to try out some new rollers on Miss Maicy. This is what happened...

 It is impossible to take a picture of curlers and not make a silly face. It just is. (She also said that I canNOT use this for Christmas cards. She ruins all my best plans. )

This was the result- umm... we weren't going for a Shirley Temple look.... not that they knew who that was anyways...
Again, silly face is required.
( pics take on my cell phone simply for convenience purposes, just in case you are worried that my camera is broken again.)

Another exciting part of the week was dog sitting. The kids (and I) have very much enjoyed opening our home up to a super well behaved Shi-Tzu named Tucker for a few days. At least, I think they're coming back for him... We'd be quite content to keep him though.
So yes, we are not only a foster home to children, but also to dogs. We seem to have better luck with the dogs.

We had a great time with FAMILY this past week. A long day of Thanksgiving eating and laughing and game playing. Plenty of shopping and more eating. We don't do Black Friday, but we do do the local small town businesses. Some great deals are to be found!

One of the most enjoyable moments was getting to read my Grandma's diary from 1981. We had some of her things to look through the other night and, while Grandma still resides on this earth, her mind isn't always residing as we'd like. So this was a special treat to read her days activities in her hand writing. It was made even more special when she announced in her book, not once, but twice, that her dear Alicia had diarrhea. Remember, 1981 folks, I was just a babe. And I got dumped on Grandma lots. Evidently she got dumped on also. Sorry, I had to do it.

So, this was a random recap of my week off, kudos to you if you made it through!
Now I feel so energized and ready to get back to this world. I need to make the time, yet limit my computer time. I'm working on that balance.
What did you do with your Thanksgiving holiday?
Are you moving on to the advent season?


Sarah said...

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend in THe Netherlands! We joined to American/Dutch families and had a great time. To top it all off we got to be part of Sinterklass coming to their town! I grew up with the Dutch tradition of Sinterklass, so to see in in Holland was the best!! Speaking of Advent, our family will light the advent candle for the 3rd week, our last week in our dear Chapel. I hope they farewell us after that so I am not crying up there!
Happy Holiday season to you and your family, Alicia!

Bina said...

Ok...first, the curlers on Maicy - LOL. Then the look on her face - ROTFL!!! She is a hoot...and those curlers are awesome for real curls! Wow!

Second, I read your info wrong. I read "Grandma's journal from 1891"...and I thought, first, how you forgot to add "great, great, great" in front of Grandma...and when I got to the part about you having the spurts, well, I realized I must have read the dates wrong. *sigh*

My Turkey Day was great - full of friends and family...much food and laughter...leftovers galore. Next year, you come here :)

Graceful said...

Love this recap, Alicia -- you made me laugh out loud (the part about Grandma's diary and your stomach maladies!). Oh dear!

Gabby said...

Glad to know what you have been up to! So funny you curl her hair for a treat, my daughter has me straighten her long brown locks for special occassions and it is a task! Always want what we don't have, I guess!

Love the way it turned out on your daughter though!

So glad you got to have family game night and see your hubs. We need to get back to those now that we have some more free time.

So sweet getting to read her diary, and that you were in it, even if it wasn't the most pleasant recap! Ha!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Love the photos, and the final outcome is cute! I'm glad you had a wonderful break.

We visited our grandkids in Tulsa. Oh, and their parents. HA!


Marissa said...

what a great week you had :) HILARIOUS pics of the cute!

Diane said...

Look at that gorgeous hair. Fun!!! :O)