Monday, November 1, 2010

What makes me... me

This morning I am off visiting with my friend Diane Estrella. She was brave (or foolish) and asked me an innocent question that she had no idea would stir up so very much emotion for me. She decided to use the verbal vomit placed on her lap and turn it into a positive- isn't that awesome how God uses friends to take what we feel is our worst moment and turn it into something like "awesomeness personified"?! (her words, not mine)
So, while I have yet to forgive her for hijacking the photo of  me that she did (truly, its hijacked from Facebook- or maybe Bina willingly supplied it to her- they are both evil like that) I would love for you to go check out her site today... Diane Estrella: That's What I'm Here For. She has been an amazing friend, and she is the greatest encourager that I have ever meant. Now go!

And if you're visiting from Diane's place, Welcome! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let's get to know each other. I hope you'll feel comfortable here.


Diane said...

It is a facebook picture so you only have yourself to blame for putting in the public domain. I loved what you wrote and am so glad God uses me to encourage you and others. :O)

Linda Kage said...

I loved your un-interview!! Diane is so awesome. Thanks for sharing your verbal vomit. I don't think you realize how many people it will touch.

Karen said...

I love both Diane and Bina. Great bloggie friends!

Brenda said...


Your honesty alone is a gift - you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You're a beautiful child of God and faithful wife and God's perfect choice for your children! Didn't we talk in MOPS once of where identity comes from?? :)

I wish Steve wouldn't want to bring Sam to hockey more often - we could sit and chat more often! :) Let me know when you need a trip to s. city!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I hopped over from Diane's blog to say hello. It's wonderful to "meet" you. Thanks for the coffee! :-)

Jeanette Levellie said...

I loved that interview. Somehow, you have managed to make us feel kinship with you. When you say you have a short fuse, lost your joy of cooking because of a gritchy lady, and don't yet know your purpose, it's like, "Yes! She's real!"

I so admire that. And I believe God will honor it. He'll give you a niche that only you can fill.

Love you,

Karen Lange said...

Hopped over from Diane's. It's nice to meet you! :)

Robyn Campbell said...

I saw the interview over at Diane's blog. I loved every moment I spent with the both of you. Very nice to meet you. I love coffee. Uh-huh