Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Okay dear readers,
Today I want to hear from YOU.
In Bible study last week we had a very interesting topic. One that didn't involve closure of any kind and ignited some pretty strong feelings.

The topic: What is our role as WOMEN?
We invited ladies to look at their lives, search the Bible and use any resources available. Apply it to their life- whether it be their role in church, at home, in business, etc. I do not mean just the unattainable Proverbs 31 woman- the one who's passage alone makes women everywhere shudder and groan.Though verses were used from this chapter- and much can be relevant today as well- but look at some new verses.

The question was brought up, are the things we view as the social norm actually Biblical? Or have we interpretted the words to fit our lives? Is it part of our feel good society? Are men supposed to be higher in the church, home and office?

So, share with me your views. What do you believe to be true? I'd love to hear from the men on this one, too!


Sara said...

This DOES ignite some feelings, doesn't it? And the truth is I really don't know.... But, here's what I DO know, that if I keep close to my God and walk with Him daily, He will let me know what MY role is ...in society, in church, and in the lives of my family. I can't answer for you, or Diane, or Bina, etc.....

I feel like if we all would just WALK with Him (and I'm not saying I am perfect at this....my heart does tend to wander:D) He'll let us know what our unique, individual role is. I'm fairly certain that He didn't create us all so very different so that we could all squeeze into the same mold. And when we do try to squeeze into the same "Sister Susie Super Christian" mold, we are often left feeling restless and off. Like there are some parts of us begging to be let out.......

P.S. as an aside.....would Esther's role have been considered "traditional" or should she have kept quiet? And Rahab, what would conventional thought have had her to do....or would "conventional thought" even consider that Rahab could play a part in rescuing a nation? and what of Deborah?
All different women, different gifts, raised up for "such a time as this" with one thing in common: Faith.

Gabby said...

Wow, well that one is a tough one.

I teach a couple's SS, and I know that several couples left right after I started five years ago, not because they did not like my teaching, but because they felt it inappropriate that a woman teach a man the Bible in any way.

Well, I take my SS lessons pretty seriously. I study, read commentaries, pray, and prepare... believe me when I say I am careful to pray for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say.

I understand, and I would probably not want to preach to men, or even be in church deacon leadership.
However, I think God gives us each a gift. Mine coincides with what I do for a living in alot of ways, so I think it is okay for me to teach. Okay, is not quite right. I feel led to teach. Even though sometimes I want to give up and quit, God just keeps pulling me back for some reason.
I think because I study harder and learn more for ME when I am teaching.

I know that did not totally answer your question, but it is my two cents.

PS In the home I think my role is to keep my mouth shut more and be more of an support/encourager/helpmate to my man. That, right there, is the hardest role of all sometimes.

Rachel said...

The thing I think about with the Proverbs 31 woman was that typically it wouldn't have just been her doing all those tasks -- she would be delegating. I think there is some wisdom to be found in her diligence.

Let me pray about this. It's such a tricky and as you found out, highly-charged issue. I also think that today's society has muddled about roles and identities so that it's even more confusing.

For me, I look at Scripture first. Not books, or society, or more.



Karen said...

Oh, Alicia, that's not a fair question just off the cuff! I think generations have been testing out that question. God did use many women, and still does. I think men should have authority in the church, but what if they don't want to? Should women step in?

Oh, no, I've done it again! My kids used to get so mad, when I'd turn their question around and question them. Sorry.....:)

Rachel said...

I am part of a variety of "circles" that have a wide range beliefs on this topic. As I watch, listen, pray, read, discuss, and think about how to raise my daughter, one thing keeps coming back to mind: the examples of women in the Bible. This probably comes to mind quite a bit because of my daughter's namesake. Many of the women in the
Bible were rebels in their own right. Not just for the sake of being a rebel, mind you, but willing to go against cultural norms, and even what their fathers/husbands said when they knew God called for something different. Rahab, Deborah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, Mary Magdalene used discernment and wisdom to do what God called them to do; to do what was right. That is the one thing I keep coming back to.

Amy DeTrempe said...

Now there is a loaded topic. I think women are meant to be the husband's helpmate, but each man needs a different type of helpmate. In the 50's she was the woman who stayed at home, took care of the kids, had dinner on the table at five, etc. Today, it is not always that way and husbands and wives often switch the traditional roles. I think as long as we are the helpmate our husband needs, then we are doing right.
God has put wise women in leadership roles and have already been mentioned by others. I think if we keep our heart open and pray He will direct us. While I think I would be uncomfortble with a woman preaching, I don't see it as a problem for her to serve the many other roles in a church.