Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Storm

*UDATE AGAIN* Kevin was able to come home on Friday. Praise God for minimal effects of that strange disease! **UPDATE** Hopefully we will know more tomorrow, but today's testing showed that Kevin has a mild case of the disease and that it shouldn't progress more, which means not paralyzing his lungs, which in turn, means that he may be able to go home tomorrow! Praise God, He truly is the Almighty Physician! Thanks for all of your prayers!
I really had no idea when I wrote yesterday's post about the storm brewing in my brother-in-laws life. And well, now we know. Steve's brother Kevin, was brought to a nearby hospital yesterday and after some testing, diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome -aka French Polio. Basically his body will become paralyzed and then heal itself again. He will be in the hospital for the duration of this because of the risk or his lungs becoming paralyzed also. It is a rare and serious disorder and I just ask that you all keep his family in your prayers.
Kevin just became Grandpa a few weeks ago, and owns a small cafe. There a lot of unanswered questions yet at this time and I don't want to speculate anything and would rather wait for facts. If they start a caring bridge site, I will share it with you. Right now we pray for peace, understanding, patience, and specifically that the disease will have minimal permanent damage and that he receives the best possible outcome of each symptom. Pray for the Lourens family that their storm may go well.
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