Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is Finished

This week marks one of my favorite weeks. Anticipated as much as Christmas, although with different preperations. I don't decorate. I don't shop. I don't get distracted. A time when I reflect on all that He has done for me.

Last week, Maicy was working on a math paper. It wasn't an assignment specifically, just something extra I printed off the computer to help with math skills. I hadn't realized that at the same time as it printing off the questions, it printed an answer sheet. Maicy grabbed the papers and quickly set to work at the kitchen table. As I put dishes away she announced her completion. The 2nd paper went much quicker than the first, but I didn't question it. Then she told me. "You know why I finished that one so fast?" Then her little face quickly changed. "I looked at the answers."

I told her that that was not the right thing to do, but telling me the truth absolutely was. She came to me, she cried, I hugged her, and thanked her for being honest, and told her it was forgiven.

I thought we were finished.

She was going to her room to put her laundry away, turned around, and tore up the paper and threw it in the garbage. "I don't even want to see it! It makes me remember what I did and I feel bad!"

She wanted it finished.

It is finished.

That's what this week is about. The papers are torn up. The garbage can is empty. It is finished. There are no more remnants of our sin. He has paid the price for us. Not just the little stuff, like cheating on a first grade homework paper, but the big stuff too. Nothing is too big for the cross.

My prayer for you, my friends, is to know the love of God this week. To know that it is finished.

Take time to reflect.

I am done blogging for the week so I can clear my mind of distractions. I hope my family will engage in a Passover Seder meal. For this idea- see Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus.
We will celebrate the Lord's Supper at church onThursday evening, and we will mourn the pain, the death of a perfect man, and we will rejoice in the sadness, knowing that SUNDAY IS COMING!!
Have a blessed Holy Week, dear friends.


Anonymous said...

My children have the same tendency to keep thinking about it and letting it bother them. Thank God when He said it is finished, he really meant it! Have a Happy Easter! :O)

Bina said...

Alicia, will you please grab that sweet little girl, give her a big squeeze and tell her that it is from a crazy lady in California who read her story and burst into tears at the sweet, bitter truth of her reaction and feelings! It struck such a chord in me - and I know that it probably did in God's too as He knows how badly we all just want it to fade away.

I spend this week just pondering the fact that He loved ME enough to become MY sin...simply because He would rather BE my sin for a moment than live eternally without me. Wow.

More tears...
I love you...can't help myself. :)

Sara said...

What a beautiful post, Alicia. I love how time and again my children's lives parallel my life in Him, as His child.
Have a blessed week and thank you for the beautiful post & speking to my heart.

Cherie Hill said...

What a great post sister...what a fantastic reminder that the "price" has been paid...IN FULL! Praying your Easter is abundantly blessed with His Presence!
In Him,