Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the rest of the story

So after eating, there is of course- shopping!
Again, I feel the need to spare you the details that may or may not entail me saying something along the lines of  "I could totally rock that jacket.... yo."  I would never say that. Ever. Especially not as mocking other shoppers who may have sounded like that earlier. No, that wouldn't have happened. Because if that did, that would have maybe caused one or both of us to pee our pants in the coat aisle at Burlington... ahem. ( Gee, Diane, I guess I did have a bathroom story after all!)

So, now that we know what most definitely did NOT happen, lets move on to what did.

Are you familiar with Garden Ridge? NO?! Well, let me enlighten you! It has EVERYTHING! See, here is Lisa giddy with her purchases. A nice rug, a bar stool, and a bunch of pillows. Lisa, how much did you spend on all that?! What? Less than $200??! That is an awesome deal!! And I know I will be back to get you the rest of your barstools. :)
I am choosing to leave out the part of the story where I gave myself a concussion getting that rug out of the rack. And I'll leave out the part how we gave up on finding the rug she wanted until the one with the eagle eye (ME) spotted it under all the other rugs on the bottom of the table. Which led to the concussion. But, I'll leave that out. No need to re-hash all that negative stuff.

Want to know what else this crazy store has? I wish I took more pics in there to do it justice, but I only have one more. Cookbooks. Actually they have all kinds of books, kids books, novels, self help. They also sell scrubs. Yes, scrubs. And luggage, and cookware, and storage, and couches, beds, chairs, ugly flowers, home decor, and on and on. But I was talking about cookbooks wasn't I.

This was my favorite one.

Can you read the title? Make it yourself dinners.  This is a cookbook. What exactly do you use cookbooks for if not to make it yourself?! It was a good laugh. Luckily there was an adirondak chair behind me to fall into from laughing so hard!

And when I cook myself with that cookbook (no I promise you that I didn't buy it!) I will be sporin' by own fancy apron. Not from Garden Ridge however. Just TJ Maxx.

I know, we just don't get out much. You just don't understand what small town life is like! And now you know why they don't let us out more often!

After a long day, the search for the perfect towels... ugh. I don't have the energy to tell you that. It may bring me to tears again. Yes, I cried. Next time. Can't use up anymore of this riveting post to go into that.
Anyway, after a long weekend of refreshment and renewal, this was what we had to show for it:

Lisa was supposed to take a picture from the back of the car, but she forgot all about that when we got back home. I know, some people just don't pull their own weight.

Looks like we were successful. And now broke. Time to save again until next year...


Anonymous said...

See, there's always a good bathroom story available somewhere!

Love the picture of the van. Impressive!

That store would have totally overwhelmed me. I need to have a goal and get it not distracted. :O)

Bina said...

How you still have energy left to get these posts out after all that heavy lifting is beyond me!! That pic of the van is vera vera husband would KILL if he ever saw my van like that (...tis why I sneak it in a piece at a time...)

Glad you had such a fun time!! ...I wanna go next year!!!

Holly Dibbet said...

WOW looks like you had success at the strange store that was suppose to be Target! We need to make our own plans for a shopping trip, maybe we can head north!

Glad Lisa eats what you eat that way when you go with me it's ok to order Pizza Hut to our hotel room!

Gabby said...

How fun, friends are one of God's best gifts. That and laughter, they go best together!

Cherie Hill said...

Too funny! Praying you have an especially blessed weekend!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Such fun, Alicia. From one small-town Iowa girl to another, I KNOW what you mean about getting out like that. Looks like you made the most of it, too! :-)

Have a holy Holy Week!

Love, Jennifer